Saturday, June 6, 2015

Twenty-Four Days---Interim HR Director

During the 87-88 school year, Dr. Delecki was the acting HR Director in addition to being Superintendent.  The reason for this is that Gilbert High School needed a principal very quickly that summer.   They were moving into the new facility and had really grown.  So Paul Huston, HR Director, went to GHS to be principal for the year.   Being HR Director was a big task in itself as the growth was just starting to happen and happen quickly.

Wally and I met regularly in my role as GEA president and he knew that I was working on my admin certificate.   During our many discussions he asked if I would be interested in being interim HR Director for the next school year as they were keeping Paul at GHS another year.  Needless to say, I jumped at this wonderful opportunity.  I still had classes to take to finish my certification, but I could be a director without the admin certification.  

It wasn't official until the end of May.  I will never forget packing up my classroom after 17 years of teaching on Thursday and becoming Interim Director of Human Resources on Monday (June 6--definitely a day that will live in infamy in my life and how amazing that it is June 6 today when I write this)!!!!

I also took 12 hours in summer school.  Fortunately, my kids went to Douglas for the summer so I didn't have that worry.   They loved spending summers in Douglas so it was great all the way around.  

I learned more in that little over a year than I could have ever learned from taking classes and reading.   I watched the way  Wally interacted with people and it was amazing.  I talked to Paul almost every day and he walked me through different issues.   I worked with Brad Barrett and learned so much about school finance.  And of course, Leona was there in curriculum.

That year I also met and became lifelong friends with two great people--Nikki Blanchard and Jill Bowers.   Nikki was the new assistant principal at Gilbert Junior and Jill was the new principal of Mesquite Jr High.

It was an incredible experience and I will always be grateful to Wally for giving me this wonderful opportunity.    I believe that year prepared me for the next 25 more than anything else!!

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