Friday, October 7, 2016

An Incredible Role Model and a Wonderful Mom!!

From my favorite children's book ever, The Last Dance by Carmen Agra Deedy, "Those we love are never really gone as long as their stories are told!" This is the most beautiful story of the cycle of life and importance of family. Fourteen years ago yesterday my mom, Margaret Shannon, left this world just two days before her 85th birthday.   Tomorrow would be her 99th birthday.  

My mom was the first female executive at Phelps Dodge.   After she retired from PD, she ran for City Council in Douglas and served three terms--12 years until she was almost 80.   She was the vice mayor many of these years.  She served with her dear friend, Liz Ames who was the mayor.   She taught me the importance of community service that will always stay with me.

Every year around this time we try to get together as a family to remember her and tell stories. It has become a wonderful tradition. This tradition has become so important, but particularly for Cameron.   She loved that little boy  with her entire heart.   And she loved my kids, Kerri and Patrick with her entire heart.  She was just stricter with them.   She would be very proud of the adults that they have become.  I wish she could see what they have done with their lives.

I don't think we will be doing the dinner this year because of where Teresa is cognitively.  She wouldn't understand and I have learned that we need to live in her world and not have her live in ours.  I have not said anything to her about the dates right now.    

And I know my mom would be so happy of the care that we all have taken of her beloved sister, Teresa.  I am so glad that my mom left this world in the way she did.   It is so hard to see Teresa's mental decline.  But my mom would want us to do what we are doing.

I also thank Judy for making the last month of her life when she was on hospice so special.  Her death was like her life, filled with family and with love.   

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of her. I know she would be thrilled that I am running for the GPS Board as she loved politics at every level. She was a great lady and I miss her!  I wish I could call her and ask her advice on different issues that have come up during this campaign.  I think I know the advice she would give me and hope that I am right about it.

I know that she would be appalled by the current presidential campaign and I also know that she would be very excited to have a woman running for President of the USA.   She was truly a pioneer in women's rights and I am proud to have called her "MOM!"

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