Thursday, September 7, 2017

Pismo Beach--Day 2 (94 Days, please scroll down!)

When we were kids, we would spend a lot of time in Santa Barbara with our extended Scott Family.   Up until 2012, I don't think I had been back to this area.   Cameron and I drove down Highway 1 in December and stayed in this area.  I remember it being beautiful.    
However, it is absolutely amazing here.   I don't want to leave!!!   The ocean view is gorgeous and the weather is perfect.   And because school has started, it is quiet and there aren't a lot of people around.    For me right now, this is very important.   I am needing to relax and get my lungs and voice back into condition.   It has been too long and I miss my four mile daily walks.  It is frustrating that it still continues, but I am hoping this and the next few days will make a difference.
Yesterday evening, I got a message from Kathleen Orr.    She lives close by and wanted to know if we could meet for lunch.  I was thrilled.    Kathleen's mom was Cornella Reidy.   The Reidys, Joyces and Scotts have been friends since the early days in Douglas--more than 100 years.   They are FAMILY to us.   Cornella passed away in 2013 shortly after Dennis died.     I was so touched that we connected and I got to meet  her daughter, Cora, who is named after Cornella.
I love the family connections that we have had through the years and I love that we all mean so much to each other.    And the best part, we have a place to stay if we ever make it back here!!
I will definitely be back.   I love this area.    The summers of 2015 and 2016, we went to the Caribbean.   While that was great and I absolutely enjoyed it, this is not so far and is equally beautiful.   And I am thinking that this time of year is perfect for me.
Had shrimp for lunch and a Bloody Mary with bacon.    What could be any better!! Tomorrow heading south for a couple of days and then back home and a lot going on with the Governing Board in the next few weeks.
The only thing I am dreading now is having to go to Douglas and clean out 858 to sell.  I know it has to be done and I know I am dragging my feet on it.........   But what has to be,  has to be.   
I tried to find a quote to go with this but couldn't find one that speaks to my heart as yet.   However, when I did a google search, I found all kinds of posts from people who have sold their childhood home.  It is amazing how profound that is to many people.   But very few have had a home (I know it is just a house) for almost 100 years.     The day will come and that chapter will be over.   Life goes on.
For Teresa, as much as she loved 858, family was what was most important.   And that can't be taken away.  

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