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94 Years Remembered in 94 Days-Post 80-A Nostalgic Look at DHS Graduates

This is from a previous post that I did in 2010.

A few weeks ago, I brought home a notebook from my office that came from Douglas High School. In it are the lists of every student who has graduated from Douglas High School since 1906 until 2010. It listed the names and the date of the graduation. As I looked through it, I recognized so many names of people I knew and people that I had heard of since early childhood.

Teresa spent a couple of hours going through it and talking about different people and how she knew them. It was really cool to hear some of the
stories. She called her friend, Eleanor, and told her that she had found Eleanor's mother's name--I believe in the class of 1912. She and Eleanor chatted and reminisced for a bit.

It was fun looking back at my class and the names of all of the people that I graduated with. Judy's name was there, along with saying that she was t
he Senior Class President. I saw names of so many friends from Douglas--Tom and Sandra, Cornella, Dennis and Jerry, Lorie and Art.....I thought about how I could put some of these as a blog entry and finally figured out how to put some of these lists on my blog.

So I am dedicating this blog (never done a blog dedication before) to Tom and Sandra, Cornella, Dennis, and Jerry, my Phoenix Scott C
ousins, my San Francisco Scott Cousins, and my Sacramento Park Cousins!!

If you are from Douglas, see if you recognize a name or t
Anderson, Helen
Baldridge, William
Bates, Evelyn
Beecroft, Lela
Benson, John
Benson, Mary
Bollweg, Henry
Brown, Louise
Cansler, Kathryn
Cox, Marion
Dailey, Mildred
Dent, James
Dietrick, Nellie Alma
Edwards, Elizabeth
Good, Joe
Flores, Ysaias
Foreman, Mildred
Frost, Sara
Glenn, Harriet
Greene, William
Hanigan, Edna
Hanigan, Ruth
Hood, Billy
Hurley, Lenes
Ilitzky, Lillian
Islava, Rodolfo
Jacks, Mildred
Johnson, Jack
Jones, Jessie
Kirby, Edith
Kirby, Florence
Krentz, Bertha
Laux, Raymond
Littell, Robert
Marchling, Henry
Magee, Joseph
Meloy, William
Mitchell, Mary
McCord, Willierose
McCoy, Grace
McGee, Scottie
Nemeck, Raymond
Olson, Mary
Perrin, Lyman
Powles, Earl
Rettig, Margery
Speer, Ruth
Rork, Charles
Rork, James
Sanders, Tom
Sohlotzhauer, Elbert
Scott, Matthew
Smith, Dorothy
Stillman, Rowena
Tetley, Jack
Thompson, Alice
Titus, Lucile
Welch, Ruth
Witte, Georgia
May 23, 1924

Alexander, Thelma
Appel, Fred
Arnout, Sara
Arnold, M.J.
Bryan, Bessie
Buckles, Glendora
Cooper, Jack
Cutler, Russell
Dawson, Ethel
Denno, Ray
Dicus, Eunice
Elvey, Henrietta
Finnicum, Lola
Foss, Ted
Garcia, Edelmira
Gillespie, Ella May
Gibbs, Laura
Gmahling, Cecillia
Hale, Katie
Herring, Norman
Hiatt, Everett
Good, Billy
Houck, Dorothy
Huish, Helena
Houle, Louise
Jenkins, Billy Glee
Lamar, Esther
Lemons, Inez
Mann, Jennie
Mason, Mabel J.
Matson, Daniel
Miescher, Emma L.
Miescher, Verna
Morrisey, Joe
Nelson, Leo
Parker, Fern
Parrott, Ira Belle
Patterson, Robert
Perry, Elwood
Pettit, Ira
Rahl, Frances
Reay, Herbert
Reid, Virginia
Reidy, Cornelius
Sanchez, Manuel
Sanders, Eula
Scott, Marvin
Sears, Agnes
Semolich, Dorothy
Sherman, Jack
Sperry, Helen
Squires, Ada
Stevens, William
Stewart, Lillie
Street, Robert
Tetley, Edward
Travis, Blanche
Wallace, Ruth
May 22, 1925
Adams, Margaret
Beard, Kathleen
Bennett, Frances
Beecroft, Dora
Blum, Edith
Borcherding, Henry
Bryce, Bessie
Burnett, Cora
Burton, Louise
Bush, Charles
Cary, Douglas
Causey, Joseph
Cavin, Nathan
Chapman, Neva
Colvin, Alice
Colvin, George T.
Dillman, Ralph
Dixon, James
Donohue, Ruth
Evans, Jack
Fain Thelma
Fish, Franklin
Gilmet, Amelia
Granger, Oscar
Grantham, Robert
Harding, Emily
Harding, Harry
Hasty, Haden
Haynie, Amelia
Herbert, Elmo
Herbolich, Annie
Hopkins, Ina
Hudzietz, Archie
Huish, Charles
Johnson, Mary Louise
Jones, Elizabeth
Jones, Fred
Karrh, Marion
Klingensmith, Barbara
Levy, Alfred
Magana, Hermogenes
Maiden, Aileen
McGuire, James
Miller, Isabel
Moore, Bernice
Moore, Sidney
Morris, Paul
Naught, Rollyson
Neers, Jane
Nemick, Frances
Parra, Juana
Phillips, David
Pratt, Glenn
Ratliff, Agnes
Rice, Elmo
Rivera, Bertha
Roark, Elizabeth
Ruiz, Enrique
Ryder, Sarah
Schlotzhauer, Wesley
Schwamm, Alice
Seeley, Richard
Shotwell, Louis
Sparr, Margaret
Vickers, Lessie
Whitehead, Bert
Woods, Ted
Wright, Douglas
May 27, 1927
Anderson, Mildred Cantwinwine, Dorothy
Arevalo, Virginia
Arthur, Eleanor
Bebb, Glenn
Benson, James
Beumler, Elizabeth
Blalock, Ione
Bohenhammer, Lee
Branham, Ryan
Brown, Edwin
Cary, Clinton
Causey, Paul
Colvin, Margaret
Cummins, Frank
Cummins, Lola
Decker, Lydia
Franklin, William
Gooding, Margorie
Grosso, Rosie
Guevara, Jesus
Harding, Billy
Harris, Marguerite
Herbert, Sylvia
Hiatt, Thelma
Hood, Allan
Huish, Genevieve
Jacks, Frances
Johnson, Theoda
Jones, Carl
Karrh, Paul
Kelley, Dorothy
Massey, Marion
Maxon, Louis
McCord, Emmett
Miller, Leslie
Nalley, Leonard
Patterson, Nettie Mae
Park, Edwin
Paxton, Katherine
Peryam, William
Piper, Elizabeth
Prescott, Arthur
Reay, James
Ruiz, Eloisa
Samuels, Lena
Sanchez, Leandro
Sanders, Elgin
Sanders, Frank
Sanders, Louise
Scott, Virginia
Semolich, Mary Ellen
Slaughter, John
Valdez, Edmundo
Young, Harry
Wetzel, Phillip (61) May 25, 1928
Amador, Rosemary
Anderson, Winifred
Andrews, Gay
Ayers, Fern
Baker, Annabell
Camarena, Damaris
Churchyard, Ada
Clancy, Barbara
Coen, Kenneth
Conrey, Jacqueline
Cota, Pablo
Cota, Gemma
DeLucas, Norman
Diaz, Alexander
Diaz, Raymond
Downey, Patricia
Durazo, Mona
Elias, Armando
Elias, Celida
Fields, Richard
Fierros, Mario
Ferguson, Raymond
Frost, Anne
Gibbons, Bobbie Jean
Gobble, Carol
Grisham, Jefferson
Gutierrez, Jesusita
Hagaman, Harry
Hall, Claude
Haight, Jack
Harvey, Louise
Hartman, John W.
Harper, Joie
Haymore, Donna
Hickcox, Edward
Hicks, Flora Dell
Huber, Leona
Huish, Glen
Hunt, Lynn
Koontz, Verna V.
Lambert, Patricia
Lewis, Lisbeth
Lillywhilte, Velda
Martin, Ramona
Melon, Mary
Miller, Allene
Moore, Bertha
Moorland, Colleen
Moorhead, Norma
Morales, Laura
Nalley, Ethel
Nelson, Esther
Otis, Glendora
Ortiz, Sarah
Pinedo, Carmen
Paque, Robert
Pendleton, Edwin
Pinedo, Rose
Pinedo, Sam
Portzline, Ethel
Rich, Frances
Rivera, Maria
Rhodes, Kenneth
Runcell, Olive
Rubalcava, George
Ruterman, Mildred
Scott, Billy
Seale, Fern
Simon, Elizabeth
Simon, Georgiana
Smith, Shirley
Smith, Walter
Soto, Albert
Thomasson, Bennie
Walley, Olga
Woodword, Ed
Beecroft, Charles
Negri, Albert
Smith, Howard R.
May 24, 1946
What a trip down memory lane!!

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94 Years Remembered in 94 Days-Post 79 (Letter from Matt about my mom was citizen of year in 1996)

2931 N. 16th Drive
Phoenix, AZ 85015
Monday, June 24, 1996

To the Scott Clan:

This is my observations of the celebration for Margaret as "Citizen of the Year in Douglas on Friday, June 21, 1996.

Glennie and I returned to returned to Phx on Friday, June 14th about 3PM after a golfing outing at Tubac, Arizona, and about 9PM the phone rang.   It was Teresa telling us about the affair for Margaret the following Friday.  This was not a surprise as was Teresa's in 1993.  We had some commitments, but assured her we would be there, and felt that due to the time element we wouldn't expect anyone from out of state.

Yaya and Pat made some cute badges with two recent pictures of Margaret and shamrocks on the four corners -- I think they made 30 of them.

Imagine our surprise, adn what a grand testimonial to Margaret - thirty-three showed up.

Here is the roll call:  Douglas 3 Margaret, Teresa and Mary; Gilbert 4 Sheila, Kerri, Patrick and his girl friend; Mesa 5 John Edward, Joan, Shawn Donohue, his wife Kim and son Brendon; Phoenix 5, Matt, Glennie, Yaya, Tony, and Pat; Glendale 4 Jay Henderson, Katie, Annie and Matthew; Tucson 3 Dennis, Janet and Adena Reidy.    Then we have to compliment the group from California - Tom and Janine from San Jose, Janice and Ted from Sacto; Marion and Maggie from Turlock; Romey from San Francisco; Mary Joyce and Jerry Reidy from L.A.  WHAT A TURNOUT and on such short notice.  It was a great outburst of love, and I know there were some angels above smiling down on the gathering.

If this is a harginger of the Family Reunion next year it will be some affair.

As usual Glennie joins me in sending,

                                          All our love,

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94 Years Remembered in 94 Days-Post 78 (Article when my mom ended her tenure on City Council)

From the Douglas Dispatch 
Sunday, June 23, 1996
By James F Crane

A Life of Accomplishment
Margaret Shannon after retirement

She is so small that is is easy to overlook her in a crowd.   But start listing Margaret Shannon's accomplishments and her contributions to her native Douglas, and her stature exceeds that of most citizens.

Among other things, Margaret Shannon

*Was the first female department head at Phelps Dodge, heading up the company's Hardware Jobbing Division prior to her retirement in 1982

*Represented Ward 5 on the City Council for 12 years.

*Chaired the city's Finance Committee for 12 years.

*Spent seven years on the board of St. Vincent de Paul

*Is the president-elect of the Cochise County Fair Association, of which she has been a member for 10 years.

The early years

The fifth of seven children, Margaret Scott Shannon was in the first first-grade class at Loretto Academy in 1924.

"Oh, I enjoyed it."  she said.  "And I got a good education there."

Her father, a railroad conductor known for his prodigious memory, was ready to take his family to Texas so his children could attend a Catholic School. "But then Loretto opened" she said.  "It was a very, very good school.  There were music and plays and debates.   And students got all of the classroom attention that they needed."

"They were double classes, too."  she said, with two grades put together in one classroom.   While it sounds odd today, having third and fourth graders in the same room allowed a student to more readily find his or her own level.

And education didn't stop at Loretto's door.  Her dad made the children memorize a poem to recite each Friday.  "And all of the states and their capitols." Shannon said.    "We had to learn those, too.   He was a strong believer in memorizing.

After graduating from Loretto, she attended Gregg's Business College.   When the young Margaret walked out of that institution, she was able to walk into a job as a clerk at the Arizona Tax Commission.

However, she soon moved on to a better job as a case worker at the Industrial Commission.   "It was like the workman's compensation of today," she said.  "We had to deal with the claims of injured workers."

The Phelps Dodge Years

In 1950, Shannon returned to Douglas and went to work for Phelps Dodge as an invoice clerk.  "Phelps Dodge was a fine employer."  she said.   "They were very good to me."  Apparently she was very good for Phelps Dodge, as well, because from invoice clerk she rose to head the Hardware Jobbing Division at the big warehouse down on 9th Street, the first female head in the Phelps Dodge operations.

In addition to being responsible for keeping on hand everything everything Phelps Dodge needed for its Arizona operations, she also had to keep the hardware goods local contractors needed, because the jobbing division was a wholesale outlet.

"By hardware, I mean ten inch pipes, steel I beams, H beams, roofing paper and things like that," she said.

To give you an idea of the size of the "hardware" she's talking about, that dinky on display in the lot on 11th Street came out of that warehouse.  "That railroad engine was used to move the steel beams in the warehouse." she said.

Did her male cohorts give her a hard time? "No." she said.  "Never.  The men were just wonderful.  I had no problems with them at all."

After working for Phelps Dodge for a total of 35 years, Shannon retired in 1982.   She had worked in the Phelps Dodge mercantile during high school, time that counted toward her seniority.

"And then I woke up one morning and discovered that the city had moved me into Ward 5 from Ward 6." she said.  And that made me mad," she said.   I had lived in Ward 6 all of my life."  She didn't like being redistricted out of a life-long affiliation.

"So I went down and took out a petition," she said.  And she ran for City Council.   And she not only won, "But I won big, too," she said.

That spur of the moment decision to get involved led to 12 years on the Douglas City Council.

"On any issue of importance, I always surveyed the ward." she said.  Sometimes she would call as many as 200 of her constituents in order to get a sense of how they felt about an issue.

"I always voted what the ward wanted," she said.  

"I think that is always fair." 

What was her most important important accomplishment while on the council?   "We kept the city in the black through the real rough times."

Shannon is quick to praise both former mayor Elizabeth Ames and what she called the "bright people at City Hall."

"We have some excellent department heads," she said.

The former mayor, the city council, and the people of City Hall, working together, helped lay the groundwork for some of the good things that are happening in Douglas today, she said, like the opening of the Unique Molded Products plant.

"The city worked hard to get it," she said.  "Industrial development is important.   Unemployment is a big problem."

And what of the future?   For the city where she was born and raised, where she has spent most of her life, and where she helped guide for 12 years, she is optimistic.

"There's a big market for tourism,' she said.  "I'd like to see a one-night-in Mexico-one-night in Douglas kind of package put together.  What an experience for tourists that would be!"

And she sees Douglas as being right now "in a position to move.  It's a great town, and undiscovered town."

Personally her plans are to continue on the board of St. Vincent de Paul and to continue to support St. Luke's Church.  She has just taken over as president of the County Fair Association, and she plays bridge twice a week.

"But I really don't feel all that busy." she said.   

I would never have dreamed that I would "follow in her footsteps" when I retired and run for the Governing Board in Gilbert.   Don't know if i will make it 79--who knows.   What a great role model I had!!! 


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94 Years Remembered in 94 Days-Post 77 (My mom's final election)

Another great find in Douglas this past weekend.   This would have been from my mom's third and final term on the Douglas City Council.   She spent 12 years on the council.   This was 1992 so her term was up in 1996.   She was 79 in her last year.

The first time that she ran, I was still teaching.  But I took three personal days and took my kids down to Douglas.  I wanted them to participate in her election and the whole process.  I felt it was important because it was their grandma and because of the importance of voting and civic responsibility.

It was so much fun the day of the election.   Teresa, my mom, myself and a lot of volunteers picked up people and drove them to the polls to vote.   My mom was checking off names on the list of registered voters and making phone calls to those on the list to make sure that they voted.   It was a great lesson on democracy for them (and me, too)!

She was running against an incumbent the first time.  It is sometimes difficult to beat an incumbent.   However, my mom had a lot of respect in Douglas.  

When the polls closed, we went up to where they were counting the votes.   Of course, things were so different in the 80's.   Votes had to be counted by hand.

She won by a very large majority and I remember the party at our house that night. The house was completely full and the celebration was so much fun.

I remember when she first decided to run, I was down there and we went around and got advertisements taken care of.  My favorite one was when we went over to Agua Prieta and had one of the stations there do announcements in Spanish to vote for her. 

She ran two more times after that and each time she had someone run against her and each time she won!!!

She loved being on the City Council and she was Vice-Mayor for much of that time.   Liz Ames was the Mayor.  

When we spent our summers in Douglas, she was on the phone a lot, going to meetings, etc. It was almost a full time job for her.  I believe she was paid $100 a month.

I never had any aspirations for running for office.  However, when I made the decision to run for GPS Governing Board, I knew she would have been very proud and would have come and helped me.  And I know she would have loved how many votes I got in this conservative community!!

I have thought that I may only run for one term, but with how things are going in our District now, I may consider another run. 

As for me, it has been an almost full time job for the last several months.  And board members don't get paid anything.   However, I have had the time to devote to it.  I guess I learned from the best!!!

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94 Years Remembered in 94 Days-Post 76 (Teresa-Citizen of the Year)

Another incredible find in Douglas was this.   It was all of the information when Teresa was Citizen of the Year in 1994.    It was such an incredible experience as many of our family "secretly" came to Douglas to surprise Teresa.   She had no idea that everyone was going to be there and she was so touched by the family being there.  I remember everyone hiding in the kitchen of the Country Club and then coming out one by one to surprise her.

All of the family wore the buttons that are shown in the pictures above.   It was a great night and a great tribute that so many family members were there!!

Here is the article from the Douglas Dispatch.

Teresa Scott is the 
Citizen of the Year

The  Douglas Chamber of Commerce had its 29th Annual Awards Banquet last Saturday evening at the Douglas Golf and Social Club.

The highlight of this event is the announcement of the selection of the Citizen of the Year.   Teresa Scott was the recipient, in a presentation last year's winner, John Meeks.  There were many members of Teresa's family and friends present for the occasion, including a significant out of town delegation.

Scott served the City of Douglas for many years before retiring as chief bookkeeper,and has devoted her life to helping out a wide variety of organizations with her time and skills.   She learned computers at an age when most have stopped learning and applied that knowledge to providing much needed booking and payroll services to community groups.

Among her clients, served without charge are Loretto School, St. Luke's Parish, Immaculate Conception Parish, Douglas Association for Retarded Citizens and the St. Vincent de Paul Society.

Teresa's comment Saturday night reveals one of the reasons she was selected.  Wen asked about her reaction to being selected as Citizen of the Year, she modestly answered "I don't deserve it, but I'll take it!"

Here is her nomination:

1994's Citizen of the Years was born in Douglas and with the exception of several school years, has been a life-long resident of Douglas.   The family, including the recipient's parents and siblings,  has had an active role in the promotion of and service to the community, and this service has been carried out quietly and consistently throughtout our recipient's life.

After three decades of employment with the City of Douglas, our recipient retired to a busy life of continued service to many in the community.   Starting a computer service following retirement, this person is providing bookkeeping services, in some cases at no cost, to Loretto School, St. Luke's Church, Immaculate Conception Church and others.  Douglas Association for Retarded Citizens, St. Luke's finance committee and the St. Vincent de Paul's Thrift Store are additional interests.

It is not unusual to find our citizen providing day care for friends so that they might have several hours or an afternoon away from their care-giving duties and this is done with love and compassion.  Our citizen has been an active member of Beta Sigma Phi for many years and has taken an active role in the selection of the Lady of the Year on numerous occasions.

A friend of the community, a loving sister and aunt, devoted Mother and doting Grandmother, 1994's most deserving citizen of the year--Teresa Scott.