Thursday, December 9, 2010

"ARRESTING" Developments May "WARRANT" Concern!

Several years ago before Kerri finished her degree and became a teacher, she worked for a computer/advertising company. It was a very good job and she did very well. The particular product that they were trying to market just didn't quite make it. As a result, she got laid off from that job.

I still remember the day that she came to tell me about it. Because education has always been very important to me, I told her that if she had a degree, this probably would not have happened! Was I ever wrong given how things are today. I now that she wasn't thrilled to hear my "speech" and she was getting ready to leave school. And guess what happened????? Yes, we had a lock down that lasted for two hours and she was stuck with her preacher mom during that time.

She decided to go back to school and was able to get medical insurance through ASU. Cameron needed insurance and in order for me to put him on the district insurance, I had to become his guardian. So we went through the legal process so that he could be covered.

Over the years, I think we had forgotten about this and nothing ever happened. Then in September (according to Maricopa County) I received a letter telling me that I had to fill out paperwork and either stay his guardian or not. With the move down to Douglas, it was lost in the shuffle.

In November, I received a notice saying that I was to appear in court on December 14th along with Kerri and Cameron about whether or not the guardianship would continue.

I have had to go up to the valley way too many times over the last few months between the state committee I still am on and different meetings, etc. I knew that this particular date would not be good as I have another conference in Phoenix on Thursday and Friday. Plus I thought it was the date for my state committee.

After several phone calls and emails, I downloaded what I thought was the appropriate paperwork to file. I filled it out and followed the directions very carefully--or so I thought!! I was told that it needed to be at the Superior Court by December 1st in order for the date to be changed.

I was in the valley earlier this week for meetings and when I got home last night, I saw the envelope that I had sent. Because it was late, I didn't open it until this morning. There was a checklist form telling me that I had not sent it to the correct place and that NOTHING I had sent was any good. I sent it to the Juvenile Court when it is actually a Probate Court case. The problem is that everything on the website said it was Juvenile.

So I very "politely" called and had to leave a message. At least I was able to leave a message because earlier it was busy all of the time. I explained what had happened and waited to hear something. When I hadn't heard anything by late afternoon, I tried email. I got a response quickly and the lady "suggested" that I call her and explain what had happened.

So I called her and very nicely went through everything that had happened since September. I very nicely told her that I knew she probably wouldn't remember having a conversation with me, but that we had talked and she had told me how to proceed. I continued to "very nicely" explain that I was no longer living in the valley and that date was a very bad time for me. She informed me that I could possibly get the paperwork done and to them in order to get a later court date, but I wasn't sure I wanted to take that chance again. I again "very nicely" asked if there was anyway it could be postponed until later that week or the following week. She "not so very nicely" told me that it couldn't because they were very busy and then informed me if I didn't show up on Tuesday, there would be a WARRANT OUT FOR MY ARREST!!!!!!!


Obviously, I have no choice in this matter unless I want to go to Tent City for awhile and wear PINK UNDERWEAR!! So I will once again drive up to the valley after work on Monday and take two vacation days so that I don't have to drive back on Tuesday and then back again on Wednesday for the conference with our new Board members on Thursday and Friday!!

I can tell you those words "warrant out for your arrest" scared the you know what out of me!! All I can think of is all of the awful things that go on and I am going to be arrested for being my grandson's guardian so that he can have health insurance and not filling out the proper paperwork even though I thought I had..........

I wonder how Sheriff Joe feels about PUGS??????