Friday, March 15, 2019

St. Patrick's Weekend in Butte

For some reason I haven't been able to write lately.  This has happened to me through the years and I never know what it is.  There are other times when I can write something every day.

Since my last blog post, so much has happened and most has been extremely wonderful and that is why I can't figure this out.  Anyway, I hope I am over it and can continue to write about the adventures that Dave and I have had and will continue to have.

One of his best friends, Craig, lives in Eureka, Montana.  We visited them last summer.  His daughter teaches in Tempe and wanted to come to Butte for St. Patrick's Day.  So we planned a trip for this weekend.  We flew into Missoula and Craig and Connie picked us up and we drove to Butte.

I can't believe all of the snow.  It is absolutely beautiful, but there is so much. Although it has warmed up (by Butte standards), it is still really cold.  But the beauty is unbelievable.

We have a lot planned for the weekend and I will hopefully be writing about it.  

Here are a few pictures from yesterday around our house:

And of course, we had to go have a couple of "dirty girls."  I had to introduce them to Chelsea and Connie.  They are on sale all weekend.