Sunday, June 24, 2018

Washington Reception--June 22, 2018

What a wonderful day we had yesterday in the Yakima Valley where Dave spent the majority of his educational career!!!!  This is what "greeted" us upon our arrival on Thursday.  Both Dave and I were so touched by this!

His friends, Scott and Tammy, not only let us stay with them, but put on quite a party last night.  So many of Dave's friends were here and it was amazing for me to get to meet them.  It was so nice to hear so MANY wonderful things about Dave.  Many, many people told me what a fine man he is, which I already knew.  The best one was a teacher he worked with for several years who told me he is one of the three finest men in the western hemisphere.  Those were her exact words.

Some of the teachers that he hired came and called him Mr. Uggetti.  One is a very successful high school football coach who told me that Dave was so influential in who he is today.  His wife and I talked a lot and she actually got teary because of how much they care about him.  

One of his childhood friends from Butte lives close and he and his wife were able to attend.  Gary told me that Dave was the leader when they were kids, but he was also the one who tried to keep everyone out of trouble.  I told him that he had a VERY BIG job now trying to keep me out of trouble!!!  I am glad he had a lot of experience in that area growing up!!

Before the party, we went for a ride and Scott told Dave to take me by Grandview High School.  Here is what was up on their marquee!

Needless to say, this brought a few tears to my eyes.  We were both so touched by this.  Scott is the Athletic Director there and so he arranged it.  Their principal also was at the party. She and Dave taught together.

We both can never thank Scott and Tammy enough for their incredible hospitality in letting us stay here for two nights and putting on the party.  Tammy worked so hard.  Their yard is beautiful and was the perfect venue for an event like this.   It was absolutely amazing in every way.

Dave and I talked for a long time before we went to sleep.  It was so wonderful to hear him so excited about the evening and how people feel about him.  One of the other great comments that I heard was how lucky Dave is to have me because he deserves to be happy and be with someone to share his life in a positive way.  I think that is absolutely happening to both of us.  

I told a few people the story of my Aunt Teresa who I still believe with my whole heart brought Dave and I together!

It was a wonderful few days and an incredible evening!

Friday, June 22, 2018

Idaho and Washington Days One and Two!

Dave and I left Wednesday morning for our week long trip to Idaho, Washington, and Northwestern Montana.  This is our "third" road trip this month.  

We are on this trip to meet Dave's friends who he taught with during his years in Washington in the Yakima Valley.   He spent the majority of his career in Washington.

The morning we left Butte it was sunny for the first time since we got here last Friday.  It was actually warm (sort of).   I took Diego and Seamus to the "pet resort."  They weren't very happy about it. However, all of the reviews I read about it were excellent.  Poor guys--they have had some adjustments to make the last few months!!

The drive was beautiful through Montana and into Idaho. The countryside is so green and there is still some snow at the tops of the mountains.  The rivers were all full with some flooding.  This is hard for me to imagine.

We got to Coeur d'Alene early in the afternoon.  The lake is absolutely beautiful.

Dave and I went down to the beach. It was hot and crowded and I was still wearing my "winter" clothes.  Had to go back to the hotel and change!!!

We went to dinner with two of his friends who he taught with in Idaho many years ago.  Once again, it was so nice to get to know Dave's friends. 

Thursday morning we got up and drove to Washington.  We stopped in Prosser and had lunch with Larry and Linda.  Larry had stayed with me in March when he was in Gilbert to golf.  It was nice to meet his wife.  She is an elementary teacher and I had sent her a copy of "The Last Dance."

We drove directly to the golf course for the "golf tournament" that Dave had organized. It was so fun to meet his friends and see how much fun they had.  We got prizes for it and I was in charge of the prizes. 

The really good part for me (and there are many good parts) is that I have heard such nice things about Dave and almost everyone is in education so it makes it very easy to talk to them.  I am loving this so much and I know that I made a very wise decision when I said "yes" to Dave!!!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

A Touching Moment from our Wedding

As I have contemplated so many things over the last six weeks with my life changing so drastically since meeting and marrying Dave, there has been so much to think about.

When we decided to get married, I knew that I wanted my kids and Cameron to be a major part of it.  

I asked both Patrick and Cameron to "give me away," but as Shawn said, no one could really give me away!

When I asked Cameron and Patrick what songs they would like to dance with me to, both of them had to think about it.  Patrick chose "Dream a Little Dream of Me" by the Mamas and Papas.  

Cameron thought it little more and then decided on "Mack the Knife" by Bobby Darin.  I asked him why and he said it was because it reminds him of Tia.  That brought tears to my eyes.

There is a story behind this.  At every family gathering, Mack the Knife is always played because it was my Aunt Dot's favorite song.  She always would request it no matter where she was.  As a result, it is always played at family gatherings, weddings, etc.

Cameron did not know this story and so he thought it was because of Teresa.  I love this!

Shea caught this picture as we finished our dance and it is probably my absolute favorite picture ever.


Monday, June 18, 2018

Road Trip to Montana

On Weds, June 7, we set out on our road trip to Butte with the pugs and my WINTER clothes, which I am still having a hard time wrapping my brain around!!
We drove to Vegas and had lunch with Dave's cousin, Penny.  We had to find a "dog friendly" restaurant and we did.  Unfortunately, we were on the patio in very hot weather and they didn't have a mister system.  The restaurant actually was really great as they have a "dog" menu.  I should have ordered from that one as the chicken the pugs got was better than my lunch.

It was delightful to meet Penny and get to know her.  Dave thinks very highly of her and that means a lot to me.

We then headed back on the road for a few more hours and got to Mesquite, Nevada and a "dog friendly" casino!.   The best part is that the pugs had their own bed.

Dave  and I went to the casino for dinner and to play a few machines.  He likes to play poker and we have found that if we play together we do fairly well and don't lose much, if any, money.

The next morning we got up early and drove to Salt Lake City to have lunch with his cousin, Gary and his wife, Mary.  We went to their house so the pugs got to run around in the backyard.  

Gary played football at the University of Utah and was very involved in their alumni association so his house is totally decked out with Utes' memorabilia.  
He told me that he was so happy for Dave and I and that I was really fortunate to have found someone like Dave.  He absolutely loves Dave and that was very evident.   I know how Dave feels about him, too.   I hope that we can get together with them again soon.
After that we drove several more ours to Blackfoot, Idaho.  Once again, we stayed in a "dog friendly" hotel.  The pugs didn't have their own bed so it was quite an adventure.

We met one of Dave's friends and his wife for dinner.  Dave was Stan's coach. He is currently the head football coach there and his wife is an elementary teacher so we had a great visit.  Once again, it is so nice for me to meet people who think so highly of Dave!  For some reason, I didn't take any pictures.  

Friday morning we got up to rain and cold weather.  Prior to that, the weather had been warm.  (It was so fun to have Diego panting the entire time in the car!)
We drove to Dillon, Montana.   What an incredibly beautiful drive it is.  It reminded me a lot of the drive between Douglas and our cabin where there is so much cattle ranching as there is here.

We stopped in Dillon, Montana for lunch with Dave's cousin, Russ.  We then went to the rest home to see his Uncle Loren and meet his aunt.  Dave's uncle is his mother's brother and he is 91.  When we got there, he knew who Dave was and when I went over, he took my hand and held it an squeezed it.  That touched my heart!!!  

After our visit, we went on a walking tour of University of Montana Western where Dave got his BA, etc.  He was an assistant football coach there for one year.  It is such a beautiful campus!  I would love to have Cameron see it and Montana Tech.

It was so nice to get to our Butte home.  The view is so pretty and it is just a nice and comfortable house!  

All and all, it was a great road trip and I got to see so much of the country that I have never seen before.  

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Reception in Douglas

I am not sure why I didn't get this posted sooner. It seems that we have been on the go for so long.   

During our stay in Bisbee after we got married May 5, we had a reception in Douglas on May 12 at the Gadsden Hotel.  There are so many people in Douglas who mean so much to me and I wanted them to meet Dave.

The Gadsden Hotel is so beautiful and the young couple who own it are working so hard to get it fixed up.  They have an outdoor patio on the mezzanine and they have remodeled it and cleaned it up and it is beautiful.  We were able to rent it at a very reasonable price.

Carol, my former secretary, helped me get it all set up.   My "wedding planner" and dear friend, Liz, made a beautiful invitation.

I was teary the entire day before we went to Douglas.  It has been hard for me since we sold 858.  I wasn't sure I could go back for a long time.  Dave was so kind to me the whole day as I cried off and on.  

The evening turned out so well.  We had so many friends come and had a great time.  Dave got to meet so many of the people who mean so much to me.  There were old friends from my childhood, friends I made during my five years down there, Teresa's friends and some new friends.  It couldn't have been nicer!!

For me, it brought some very nice closure to my time in Douglas from 2010 to 2015 and from the selling of 858.   And it gave Dave a chance to meet friends from a completely different "phase of my life."  

I will always cherish my time in Douglas for many reasons, but especially the five years I had with Teresa.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

California or Bust!

On Weds, June 5, Dave and I flew to Sacramento.  We were heading to the 50th wedding anniversary of my cousins, Marion and Ron.  We went a few days early so that I could introduce him to the Sacramento cousins.

We spent the night with Ted and Louisa on Wednesday night.  It was so great to visit with them.  We also got to see Kevin and his family and the grand kids. They fixed us a delicious dinner.  We were able to get a lot of visiting in.  Dave commented on how nice everything was and what a great guy Ted is.   I agree as Ted is one of the finest men I know.

Thursday morning,  Ted took us on a tour of Sacramento.  He knows so much of the history and little known facts about buildings, etc. It was great.

We then went to stay with Jan and Tim.  In addition, Jean came up from San Jose to meet Dave.  We had another wonderful visit and a great dinner.  It was so nice for Dave to meet the cousins.  He has a lot of family so he "gets it" which is really nice!   For some reason, I didn't take any pictures.

Friday we picked up our cousin, Mike, from the airport and drove to Turlock for the celebration of 50 years of marriage for Marion and Ron--more cousins.  It was a small celebration with just the "sisters" invited.  I am always so thrilled to be included as a "sister" as my Phoenix cousins are like my sisters.

We had a nice dinner with just our generation at an Italian restaurant in Turlock Friday night. 

Saturday we moved to Modesto.  Got there a bit early and couldn't check into the hotel so we went bowling!!  I haven't bowled in years and it was fun!!!

Saturday evening all of the family went to 5:00 Mass and then to a restaurant with a special room just for us.  It was so great to be with all of the family and we had an absolutely wonderful time celebrating Marion and Ron.

We drove back to Sacramento Sunday afternoon and checked into our hotel by the airport.  We met one of Dave's cousins for a late lunch.   Dustin is a delightful young man who works in the area as in special education administration.  

It was such a nice trip.  Came home to two puggies who were so glad to see us.  Got laundry done.  I had a board meeting on Tuesday.  

We left for Butte Weds. and had to get everything packed for that trip.  I will write about that soon.