Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy 16th Birthday, Kayla!

Today is Kayla's 16th birthday! I told her last night that I wanted to put a birthday greeting on my blog for her birthday.

I asked her if she wants to get her driver's license now, but she said that she is still a bit nervous and wants to wait awhile. I remember when I turned 16 and how much I wanted a driver's license. So good for her to know that she isn't ready!!

Kayla spends a lot of time with us and is always great to have around. She is a lot of help around the house and is willing to do anything to help.

I still remember that day in January when she came into our family!! Happy birthday and we love you!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Update on Aunt Teresa

Teresa had a double mastectomy on Friday. Everything went very well. There is no cancer in the lymph nodes and she came through the surgery so well. She spent the night at Banner Good Samaritan Hospital and is now here at my house.

You would never know that she is 87 years young!! She looks great, is eating well, and smiling all of the time. Thank you to our wonderful cousins who were all at the hospital on Friday. Teresa's wonderful nieces, Jean and Marion, came all the way from California. Another niece, Jan, comes on Tuesday. Her niece, Lena, and great niece, Sam, were here before the surgery. And all of the nieces were at the hospital with us.

She spent a lot of time today calling family and friends to let them know how she is doing. We did a video that is on facebook thanking everyone.

We are truly blessed to have this incredible lady in our lives. Thank you for all of your warm wishes and thoughts and prayers!! Here is a little thank you from Teresa to everyone. You can turn off the music at the top of the playlist where the two vertical lines are.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Say A Little Prayer!

Just a short post and update about our wonderful Aunt Teresa. She will be having a double mastectomy on Friday at Banner Good Samaritan Hospital in downtown Phoenix this Friday morning. We met with the surgeon last Tuesday and she was very positive about this, as I am.

This past weekend, we went to San Diego for the boot camp graduation of our San Francisco cousin, Brendan. Teresa, Kerri, Cameron, Yaya and I drove over Thursday evening after school. The graduation was Friday morning and I plan to write more about this incredible event later. Our San Francisco Family were all there as well as various other members of the family who live in the San Diego area. Teresa had a wonderful time. On Saturday, our cousin, Lena, and her daughter, Sam, flew back to Phoenix with Teresa. They will be here until Wednesday.

As always, Teresa has such a positive and wonderful outlo
ok on all of this. She has such a strong faith!!

A week ago Saturday, Judy, Teresa, and I went to dinner. We invited our friend, Carol, to come with us to dinner. Carol brought Teresa a beautiful pink rose that she had cut from a breast cancer pink rose bush that she had purchased. When she told Teresa about this, it was so touching because Teresa immediately told us that at many serious times in her life she was given a sign by being given a flower of some kind. She is named after St. Teresa of the Little Flower. I never knew this story, but Kerri did. Teresa has told all of our family about the rose and has a picture of it on her cell phone. She told me tonight that the rose is still beautiful. I, too, believe that this is a very positive sign for our Teresa!!

And today my friend, Martha, brought her a gown to wear like one that she was given when she had her surgery last summer. She so appreciated her thoughtfulness--as do I.

I will keep everyone posted through this blog.
And when you have a few minutes, please say a little prayer for our wonderful Aunt Teresa. She is absolutely the best!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010



Pancho, our troubled middle pug, is quite the character. He is obsessed with balls and playing fetch. No matter how tired he is or the time of day, if you say the word "ball" he immediately perks up, tilts his head, and goes on the quest to find a ball. He brings it to us and puts it down in front of us wanting someone to throw it so that he can fetch it and bring it back. This can go on for what seems like hours on end.

Pugs always want to sit on someone's lap. They are very affectionate dogs and always bring smiles and laughter with their antics.

The other night, Pancho was sitting on my lap as I was watching television. I had the remote in the chair with me and all of a sudden the television station changes to pay per view. And it wasn't just any pay per view...it was something about "naughty, hot teachers....." It seems that Pancho had changed the channel while he was sitting on my lap. The best part is that there was something in the description of the show that had the word "fetish" in it.

Now Pancho isn't the smartest of our pugs, but I think he might have gotten the word "fetish" confused with the word "fetch", hence his choice of what he wanted to watch that evening.....
I guess I am going to have to put "block this channel" on my remote now!! And I was rehearsing my "excuse" to Cox as to why I shouldn't have to pay for this additional $9.99 when and if it should appear on my bill. As teachers, we hear all kinds of excuses--like the dog ate my homework. Do you think Cox will believe that our pug ordered pay for view porn??????

Our pugs bring nonstop entertainment to our lives. What would we do without pets in our lives, even naughty pugs who want to watch PUGNOGRAPHY??