Monday, January 11, 2010

Say A Little Prayer!

Just a short post and update about our wonderful Aunt Teresa. She will be having a double mastectomy on Friday at Banner Good Samaritan Hospital in downtown Phoenix this Friday morning. We met with the surgeon last Tuesday and she was very positive about this, as I am.

This past weekend, we went to San Diego for the boot camp graduation of our San Francisco cousin, Brendan. Teresa, Kerri, Cameron, Yaya and I drove over Thursday evening after school. The graduation was Friday morning and I plan to write more about this incredible event later. Our San Francisco Family were all there as well as various other members of the family who live in the San Diego area. Teresa had a wonderful time. On Saturday, our cousin, Lena, and her daughter, Sam, flew back to Phoenix with Teresa. They will be here until Wednesday.

As always, Teresa has such a positive and wonderful outlo
ok on all of this. She has such a strong faith!!

A week ago Saturday, Judy, Teresa, and I went to dinner. We invited our friend, Carol, to come with us to dinner. Carol brought Teresa a beautiful pink rose that she had cut from a breast cancer pink rose bush that she had purchased. When she told Teresa about this, it was so touching because Teresa immediately told us that at many serious times in her life she was given a sign by being given a flower of some kind. She is named after St. Teresa of the Little Flower. I never knew this story, but Kerri did. Teresa has told all of our family about the rose and has a picture of it on her cell phone. She told me tonight that the rose is still beautiful. I, too, believe that this is a very positive sign for our Teresa!!

And today my friend, Martha, brought her a gown to wear like one that she was given when she had her surgery last summer. She so appreciated her thoughtfulness--as do I.

I will keep everyone posted through this blog.
And when you have a few minutes, please say a little prayer for our wonderful Aunt Teresa. She is absolutely the best!!!

4 remarks:

NP said...

My prayers will continue and especially on Friday. Thank you for always keeping us updated Sheila! Aunt Teresa is such a trooper. I'm so glad that you and your family are able to take so many trips together ~ so many special memories!!!!
Love & hugs,

Anonymous said...

Tom and I hold Aunt Teresa in our thoughts and prayers. What a special lady she is and has been our mentor of what it is to live a optimistic and beautiful life full of faith and hope. She is indeed our angel on earth. Our love and prayers are with you, our dear Aunt Teresa!
Love Always,
Tom and Sandra

Susie of Arabia said...

Just thinking of you all - I saw the update on FB and was so happy that Teresa did so well. That's so nice what Carol and Martha did - they are so wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Just saw Teresa's "thank you" on You Tube. We owe you Teresa your great example of faith and trust in God. You are wonderful. What a great example you are for us and for your children.

Love you Teresa.