Saturday, August 30, 2008

Thirty Nine Years Ago Today

Where does the time go? In my post from yesterday, it didn't seem possible that so much time had elapsed since Kerri was born and also since Cameron was born.

I remember the day that Kerri was born in 1974. It had been a long labor, but I remember the one thing that I was worried about at that time. Not the length of the labor, but the date that she was born.

I wanted it to happen before August 30. You see, that was the date in 1969 that my dear Uncle Johnny died. He meant so much to me and I didn't want the dates to be the same.

He died unexpectedly of an aneurysm on August 30, 1969. He had gone to the mountains to go fishing and had stopped because of some car trouble on the way back. He was transported to the hospital in Douglas where he lived for a very short time. He had a terrible pain in his stomach and it turned out to be an aneurysm.

I still remember the call that we received in the middle of the night to get to the hospital as soon as possible. By the time we got there, he was gone. I remember sitting in the living room with Judy and listening to the phone calls that my mom and Teresa made to the family to tell them about what had happened. I remember thinking that I didn't want to hear it one more time.

That summer I had worked at the smelter after attending ASU. Johnny was so proud that I was working there to make money for college. He worked in the power plant at the smelter. Earlier that month, my mom, Teresa, and Judy had gone to California for my cousin Jan's wedding. So it was just Johnny and I for about a week. It was a great time because we were able to talk and laugh about many things. I knew how proud he was that I was going to college and that I was working at the smelter.

I remember sitting in the living room with him at the end of July watching the landing on the moon when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. Johnny was so excited about this historical event.

I also remember that summer after he died and I was still working at the smelter in the human resources department. I remember having to remove his personnel file after died. I was only 20 years old at the time and it left a lasting impression on me.

To this day I am so grateful that I had this wonderful man in my life!!! He was just an ordinary man who went to work every day and never drew attention to himself. After he died, we found out about all of the little things that he had done for a lot of elderly people around Douglas. He would go to their houses and change light bulbs or fix things for them, but he never told anyone. It was so touching to find out how many people he had helped over the years in his kind and gentle way.

Johnny was my mom's oldest brother. I have written about him before and I will say again how much he meant to me and to Judy. He was truly a man of character in every sense of the word.

"Those we love are never really gone as long as their stories are told." I tell my own children and Cameron stories about Johnny as often as I can.

John Bernard Scott
Feb. 5, 1903-Aug. 30, 1969

Friday, August 29, 2008

Two Special Birthdays!!

August 29, 1974--Kerri Marie was born in Mesa. Today she celebrates her 34th birthday!! Where have all of the years gone? I couldn't be more proud of the adult that she has become. So happy birthday, Kerri. You are a wonderful daughter!!

September 1, 1998--Cameron Patrick was also born in Mesa, His birthday is Monday, Labor Day. It doesn't seem possible that he will be 10 years old on Monday. The time flies by so fast from the darling baby boy to a fourth grader this year.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cousin Mo Comes to Visit


This week we have had a visitor at our house. Maurice Antonio Gomez Gabaldon, also known to our pugs as Cousin Mo, is spending the week with us. Cousin Mo is the "only pug" of my cousin Yaya who is in California for the week. She wanted him to be around other pugs. Mo is actually the reason we have our three pugs. When Yaya got Mo a few years ago, Cameron absolutely loved him so that is how we got Pedro.

So Matt H. brought Mo over last Friday. Pancho was thrilled to see him, Pedro was stand-offish as he is a prissy pug, and Lucy wasn't quite sure what to do. Mo was ecstatic to be around other dogs his size, at least in height. You see, Mo is a bit chubbier than our pugs.

Right from the "mo"ment he got here, Mo decided that he needed to "hump" my poor, little Lucy. All of these pugs have been fixed....... However, Mo must have felt the need to show some dominance or something... Of course, since they have all been fixed, this humping was not quite up to par, so to speak. Both Matt and I told Mo how "mo"rtified Yaya would be at his im"mo"ral behavior. Mo paid us no mind.

Throughout the weekend Mo continued to try to "hump" my innocent little Lucy. The one advantage that she has is that she, along with Pedro and Pancho, can get away from Mo because they can jump up on the furniture and on the bed. Mo is not quite able to make that leap as he is just a bit chubby. As the weekend wore on, Mo decided that his next "mo"ve would be to try and hump Pancho. Now Pancho wanted nothing to do with this. So Pancho was able to get away by jumping up on the couch or a chair.

Meanwhile, the one pug who may have enjoyed this, our prissy pug Pedro, just watched from his perch on the chair or the back of the couch.

We have decided that Mo is a very appropriate name for him as it is probably short for "MO"lester. Last night I called Yaya in California to let her know about her pug, "MO"lester. Of course, she was "mo"rtified. She is thinking that when she comes home, she may have to get another pug so that Mo won't be an only pug and will learn proper behavior!

I can hardly wait until we have five pugs in our house if Yaya goes out of town again!!!

(Hope you enjoy the music that goes along with this post. If you listen carefully to the words, I think you will see why I chose it.)

Friday, August 22, 2008

That Was Easy or Should It Be, Was That Easy?

I don't often write about things that happen at school, but this event was priceless!!! I won't use any names so that I don't break any confidentiality.

I have the utmost respect for kindergarten teachers. I can do almost anything at school from being a crossing guard to working in the cafeteria. But there are two things I can't and won't do--blood and kindergarten. Doing discipline with kindergarteners is probably one of the most difficult jobs that I have ever encountered over the years. Trying to reason with these little children who are five is a whole story in itself.

Yesterday, one of my wonderful kindergarten teachers brought one of her students to my office for a "little chat." This darling little girl sat in the chair in front of my desk and waited patiently for what I had to say. I asked her why she was in my office. She said it was because she had "misrespected" one of the adults who works in her classroom. I tried to process what that meant and I thought I did a fairly good job.........

Next we discussed her "threat to kill" another student in the classroom and how serious that is. She admitted to everything that she had done and we talked about appropriate behavior at school.

I have an "Easy Button" on my desk that was given to me by our receptionist a few years ago. I had noticed that it was at the front of my desk close to where the little girl was sitting. As she told me of her misdeeds, she kept looking at the Easy Button. I had this feeling that this might not turn out for the best and that my "authority" might not be taken as seriously as I had hoped.

Well, that feeling panned out......... After we finished the discussion, the little five year old just could not resist the temptation. She punched the Easy Button and the "that was easy" phrase came out. It was all that I could do to keep from bursting into laughter. Her teacher could not even make eye contact with me. I asked the little girl to go sit in the chair close to my office and wait for her teacher. She got up and went out of my office and her teacher and I burst into laughter as silent as we possibly could muster at that point!!

I can only hope that I made some type of an impression on this young lady! I know she did on me. This is why I continue to go to my job every day!!!

Each night when I come home from school from this point forward, I know that I will process my day and realize one thing..............


If I can remember this phrase, I know that I will be able to continue for a few more years.........

Monday, August 11, 2008

Celebrating with Some California Cousins

Last Tuesday, Brendan, from San Francisco came to visit for a few days of R & R before he starts back to college. Brendan is the son of one of my cousins who all live in San Francisco. His grandfather was my mom's youngest brother, Bill.

He picked a great time to visit Arizona--it was at least 108 degrees most days. In addition, Wednesday was our first day back with kids so he was on his own all day.

I think he actually enjoyed it, though. He went swimming and entertained our pugs all day!!

So Saturday we had all of the cousins over for a cook-out and swimming in the backyard.

Two more cousins from northern California were here visiting our other cousin, Maggie, so they joined us. Liz and her beautiful little daughter, Maria, were here to celebrate Liz's graduation from college. Maria is my cousin Marion's little granddaughter. Teresa wasn't able to make it up from Douglas as she is having some routine maintenance done at 858.

There are several small children in our family and they had a great time swimming and playing in the backyard.

After dinner Cameron and some of the little kids went downstairs to Shenanigan's to sing karaoke. Well, Cameron reported that he had to take the microphone away from the three year old because he was saying naughty words into the microphone!!! I think this was the highlight of the whole evening for me!!! I think that he is a lot like his grandmother, Cecilia!!!

Anyway, it was a nice evening and it was good to see everyone as usual. Brendan left yesterday and we were very happy to have him visit us.

The opening of the school year has gone very smoothly. I am always a bit apprehensive to say this because it seems the minute I think things are smooth, something very unusual happens. So this time, maybe putting it in writing for the whole world to see will be a good thing and bring good luck!!

It doesn't seem possible that this is the start of my 37th year in education. For the past 19 years, I have opened a new year as the principal of my school. I have to say once again what an incredible group of people I go to work with every day. My secretary, Barb, and Cris, Toni, Nurse Barb, Louise and Dr. Kathy are wonderful in our office. I thank them for making things run so well. They always treat our kids and parents with the utmost courtesy and respect.

This weekend was a very good ending to a very good week!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

69 Years Ago Today!

I received the following email from my cousin, Tom, in San Jose today:

"Just a note to remind you that 69 years ago today -- Dorothea Scott married Edwin Park. The date was August 6, 1939. Mom always told us that the infant, Patricia Scott was lying on the bed while she got dressed. Bill and Eddie served the mass; Matt was best man while Margaret was maid of honor."

My cousin, Pat, answered with this email:

"That was a favorite story of your Mom's. Thanks for reminding me of the date. I'm sure it was quite a wedding! Look at what great products came out of that union."

I emailed Tom and asked him if he would mind if I put this on the blog. He said that he would be proud to have it posted.

I have mentioned in previous posts how much I loved going to Sacramento when I was a child. We always spent time there during the summer visiting my Aunt Dot, Uncle Ed, and their six children. The "great products that came out of that union" are Tom, Kathy, Jean and Jan, Ted and Ed--two sets of twins!!

As an adult, I loved talking to my Aunt Dot about so many things. She was always so much fun to be around. She was a great lady!!

The picture on this post is their wedding picture from August 6, 1939. My mom and my Uncle Matt were the maid of honor and best man.

Dot and Ed had some dear friends who they always visited when they were in Douglas. Two of their best friends were Tom and Thelma Sanders. Tom and Thelma were the parents of my dear friend Sandra's husband, Tom. This is another family connection that goes way back. Sandra is always so great about adding a remark on this blog.

So to all of my Sacramento cousins, I am thinking of your wonderful parents today. I am grateful to have all of you in my life! Love you lots!!!!!!

Hope you like the song dedicated to your wonderful mother!

In the words of my favorite children's author, Carmen Agra Deedy, "Those we love are never really gone, as long as their stories are told."