Saturday, December 13, 2014

Retirement or Recycling??????

Two weeks ago, I let our Governing Board know that I intended to retire at the end of my current contract which is June 30.   It was a very difficult decision for me because I feel that I still have a few things left to do down here in Douglas.  However, at this point in my life, I feel that it is the very best decision for me personally.   There are so many wonderful people here and I have absolutely valued them.  I have been overwhelmed by the positive emails that I have received from so many people.  It has been heartwarming to me to know that there are a lot of people who wish that this day had not come.

The night that I told the Board was also the night that I got my annual evaluation.  I had a great evaluation and the Board said that I have taken the District to the next level.  With 5 being the highest, I had 4 + for my evaluation.  That came from the whole five member Board.  I am proud of what I have done in Douglas and what has been accomplished and no one can take that away.

I have had an amazing career for the past 43 years.  I absolutely loved being a teacher.  I still have connection with many of the students and their families that I taught for 17 years.   That means a bunch to me.  The 20 years that I spent as the principal of Gilbert Elementary were awesome.  Being an elementary principal was the best job in the whole world as far as I am concerned.   I have very much enjoyed my job down here in Douglas.  However, some of the politics have been very difficult.  And the politics in Arizona will make it even more difficult to do a good job over the next few years.  Education is not a priority and there will be cuts.   This will hurt Douglas more than many other districts and the students, families and educators down here DO NOT DESERVE THIS!!!!  It amazes me the job that our teachers do down here with very limited resources.

My friend and mentor, Wally Delecki, says that he did not retire, but has recycled as he teaches for NAU.  I know that I will do something after June, but not sure what as yet.   I guess that I will also be recycling.  One of our consultants is a retired superintendent and he has told me that he is a "recovering superintendent."  I think that may be my mantra, at least for a few months or years!!!!

It has been a grand journey and I have made so many wonderful friends through the years.  I have been blessed in many ways!!!