Thursday, August 25, 2016

An Amazing Young Man!

My amazing grandson, Cameron, turns 18 on September 1.  It is hard to imagine that.  He is a senior at Mesquite High School.    

Cameron is so smart and has been reading and soaking up information for as long as I can remember.  He can talk about just about any subject and he has facts to back things up.   He has one of the brains where he retains everything he reads or hears.    

He doesn't do as well in school as he is capable of and that has caused many a "chat" through the years.  Through my many years in education, I know that this happens a lot of times with really bright kids.  We are hoping that he will find his niche soon as he can be and do anything that he wants to  in the future!  In elementary school, he was a bit of a challenge.   However, every one of his teacher loves him to this day!   

Whenever we have a family gathering, Cameron is wonderful with all of the younger cousins.  They love him and he always has a bunch of little cousins around him.

Cameron was only four when my mom died.   My mom was always strict with me and with my kids, but she was absolutely crazy about Cameron.   No one was "allowed" to discipline him when she was around.  For those of you who knew my mom, you can understand how unusual that was!!   And the fact that he called her "Great" certainly was a plus!!!

Through the years I have watched him with Teresa.  He has called her Tia ever since he could talk.     They have always had a special bond, but over the last several months, watching it has absolutely warmed my heart.

Tia  came to live with us permanently around the first of July.   She can't be left alone anymore and since I am not working, we all felt this was the best arrangement.   Going back and forth between Judy's and my house was starting to be confusing for her.   She just turned 94 at the end of July and has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's.   Some days are better than others, but she is still truly one of the sweetest people ever!!

We "hired" Cameron to help me out with her care and have paid him for the hours that he puts in.    If I needed to be somewhere early in the morning, he set his alarm and was up here sleeping on the couch until she got up.  

But to watch the tenderness in the way he treats her truly melts our hearts.    He is so kind to her and most of the time when he walks by her, he stops and puts his hand on her shoulder and gives her a kiss and tells her he loves her.  And he does this even when he has friends over and they see him doing it.  It is obvious she feels the same way.  Often during the day she will ask me when he will be home.  

Watching him grow up into the honorable, caring, and loving young man he has become, has been wonderful to see!!  I know that given some time, he will figure out what he wants to do in his life and it wouldn't surprise me if he does something that will be a great benefit to our society.     

The fact that Cameron, an almost 18 year old young man gets this, speaks volumes about who he is and what he will become down the road. His mom has done right in raising him to be who he is and I am glad I have been able to be a part of it, too!  Love that BOY!!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Summer Roundup

It has really been a long time since I have written anything on my blog.   It has been a very busy summer all the way around.   

In June, I was able to join Patrick and Eduardo with some friends in St Maarten's for a week. It was a great trip and such a beautiful island.   I love the Caribbean and so happy that I have been able to go the last two summers.

I also was able to get away with my retired administrator friends for a few really fun days in Cottonwood.   As always, it was a great time.

In July, we all went back to Virginia for the Scott Family Reunion put on my Tommy and Michelle Scott and all of their families.    We weren't sure until the last minute whether we could be able to take Teresa as there has been a big decline.    We made every effort to take her because this could possibly be the last time we can take her on a trip like this.   It was difficult and tiring for her, but she had a wonderful time which is what is most important.

In late July, went to Vegas with Elise, Jessie and my friend, Clare.   We had a great time and I actually won a little bit of money--didn't just throw it all away like has happened to me the last several times I have gone there.  

The first part of July, Judy and I made the decision that Teresa would come to live with me permanently.   It was getting confusing for her to go from one house to the other, especially at night  She can't be left alone anymore and can't do much for herself at all.    She is unable to shower, get dressed on her own, or remember to take her medication.    She only eats because we give her three meals a day.   Since she has been here, she has not prayed at all and that is when I knew things were bad.  This morning she asked if I knew where her rosary was.  I got one for her and she has been trying to say it for the last 15 minutes.     I hope that brings her some comfort.

She is happy and is always sweet to be around.   We try to keep her stimulated as much as possible.  I take her out when I go and try to get her to as many family events as possible.    Our cousin, Maggie, and her family live in Gilbert and they have been great.  My cousin, Marion, has been at Maggie's as she has really helped me out the last few weeks.

Before school started, Cameron was really helping me so I could get out during the day.  We are paying him and he is incredible with her.   Every time he goes by her, he stops and gives her a kiss.   He is so kind to her.   He continues to help me when school is out.   However, I am trying to find someone to come in to give me a few hours during the day.

I have had many jobs in my life, but I have to say that this is the hardest job I have ever had.   But it is a privilege to be able to do this for our wonderful Aunt Teresa!!!  And she loves the pugs and the pugs love her.   She has them on her lap all of the time!