Friday, May 11, 2018

Honeymoon in Bisbee

Dave and I decided to go to Bisbee for our honeymoon.  I love Bisbee and I knew he would to as it is similar to Butte, where he grew up with the copper mining roots.

I asked our friends, Gloria and Craig, if we could rent "The Brothel" which is a little house on their property on Brewery Gulch.  Not only did they say yes, they gave us the use of it as a wedding gift.  They also included a gift certificate for my favorite restaurant, Cafe Roka.

We couldn't leave until Weds. morning as I had a board meeting on Tuesday night.  We got to Bisbee around 2:30 and unloaded everything.  

Dave opened up the refrigerator and here is what was waiting for us.

We were touched once again by their generosity and thoughtfulness at so many levels.

We walked down and had dinner at The Table, which is a very good.  Bisbee wasn't crowded on a Weds. evening which was nice. 

Thursday Dave wanted to go golfing.  I know nothing about golfing, but I went along as the cart driver.  He played 18 holes and I actually learned a lot about golf.  The course down here is in Naco which is right on the border.  Much of the course is also in the desert.  We saw coyotes, quail and roadrunners.  There were very few people out so we had it almost to ourselves.  Although it was warm, it was peaceful and the views are gorgeous.  Dave really liked it and said it was a tough course for the first time.

When we got back to the house, Dave took a shower and rested. I had made reservations for Cafe Roka. It is one of my absolute favorite restaurants anywhere.  When we got there, we were taken to a very private table as Gloria had called ahead.  They brought us starters as a "gift" and then we had the four courses.  I had gnocchi and Dave had an incredible filet.  The waitress was incredibly attentive to us.  They then brought us dessert.  Gloria and Craig had given us a gift certificate for it, which was way more than they should have done with everything else. I know Sally, the owner, and she was there so we were able to visit a bit.

We came back and opened the bottle of champagne and sat outside for a long time listening to music and watching the stars and just talking. It couldn't have been any nicer or more romantic. 

This morning I am sitting here writing on my blog and watching Dave fix my coffee and breakfast.  This is so hard for me to get used to as I have never had anyone treat me like this ever.  I love this man!

This evening we are headed for Douglas for a reception down there for the many wonderful people I value.  I want them to meet Dave.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Remembering our Parents

We asked Judy to say a few words about Dave's parents, my mom, Teresa and Johnny.  Here is what she said:

Today the start of a new chapter is being written to continue the stories  that started with those we are not with us but we are remembering and honoring.  Today,  Sheila and Dave will begin a new chapter.  The circle of life and memories will live on just as those we love are never really gone as long as their stories are told.

On behalf of Sheila and Dave, there are a few people who need to be remembered. We wouldn’t be here today without the incredible influence of  Sheila’s mom, Margaret Shannon and my mom,  her Aunt Teresa Scott and our  Uncle Johnny Scott and Dave’s parents, Pete and Dorothy Uggetti.  Although they are not with us physically today, they are with us in spirit.   I would like to thank these loved ones for helping to bring us to this wonderful day.  The love that is shared here today is because of their influence.  This gift will always be remembered and cherished.

Sheila and Dave are so thankful to all of you for being here today.   Each one of you have been important in their lives and they look forward to many more years of friendship, love and support.  

Judy added a little to what she had to say and I loved it.  Here is the video.



Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Wally's Words

I have been blessed for many years with dear friends who mean the world to me.  This wedding was so amazing not just for the wonderful love that Dave has given me.  I have had so many people do so many things to help us with this beautiful occasion.

I have also been very fortunate to have some of the best mentors during my educational career ever.  Wally Delecki ranks up there with the absolute best.  In addition, we have become very good friends.  Both he and his wife, Nancy, are family to me.

They offered to have the "rehearsal dinner" party at their house on Friday evening.  It was awesome and the cousins were all there.   They have a boat and took several little trips with different family members around Val Vista Lakes.  I will be posting more pictures as I have the time.

I had asked Wally to say something at the wedding.  I wasn't specific because he is probably the best speaker ever.  When he got up to speak, he got a bit teary, as did I.  I have asked him for a copy which he is going to give me, but here is the video.   I love these two people and their families like my own!


Tuesday, May 8, 2018

You May Never Shane McCord

On Saturday, one of the highlights of the evening was a poem by our GPS superintendent, Shane McCord.  For many years, he has written poems to the staff of GPS that are touching and funny.  He had it framed for me and I just found it. Here is what he wrote and spoke at our wedding:

You May Never Know....

Today is a special day for our friends, Sheila and Dave.
They started down the avenue of friendship, a road to love is what they will pave.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Sheila for close to 25 years.
I have never seen her so joyous, her happiness brings me to tears.

And welcome to the family, we love our new friend Dave!
The Lord works in mysterious ways, but you are the best gift to Sheila God has ever gave!

This day will be remembered because its true love that brought us here today.
Friends and family will witness how you look at each other in that very special way. 

You may sit here and wonder why you love each other so.
Your heart knows the real reason, the rest of you may never know.

To my longtime friend, Sheila and my new friend...Uncle Dave.
May the luck of the Irish Bless you and your love always be true and brave.

Oh, and one last thing before I let this day go through
Dave..Sheila will not be moving to Montana, or I'll be coming after you!

Shane McCord
May 5, 2018

Monday, May 7, 2018

Chuck's Toast

I will be posting a lot more about all of the events over the last week when I have a few minutes.

One of the highlights of the weekend was having Chuck and Maura Uggetti stay with us.   Chuck is Dave's cousin and was the best man.  I absolutely love both of them and they are now FAMILY!

We had planned to do a toast, but somehow it didn't happen.  Chuck was going to say the following and I wanted to make sure we have it written somewhere because the words are awesome!

From Chuck:

For those of you that I have not had the pleasure of meeting, I am Dave's cousin, Chuck. I am honored to stand up for Dave, officially welcome Sheila into our family and offer this fine couple a toast to celebrate this special occasion.  

Many of you have just recently met Dave so I am here to vouch for his character.  Among the attributes that Dave shares with Sheila: he is a solid, loyal, and generous friend.  He has a wonderful sense of humor and can laugh at himself.  Of course he is Catholic and a Democrat which probably got him to first base.  He is also a lifelong educator and enjoys sports but he does take a back seat to  you, Sheila, when it comes to cussing and voicing his opinion. 

(Just kidding, although we have only known you for a short time, we feel like we have been friends forever.) 

We have witnessed firsthand Sheila and Dave's love and commitment to each other.  Kerri,Patrick and Cameron, along with all of Sheila's extended family and friends, we thank you for your hospitality and gracious welcoming of us.

We invite you to raise your glass in honor of Dave and Sheila:  May the loving and generous spirit that they possess continue along this journey we call life and bring them happiness and comfort throughout these years that they have pledged to share together.

An Italian Blessing:

May your life be like good wine
Tasty, sharp and clear
And like good wine...
May it improve with every passing year.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018


Those of  you who know me, understand that I LOVE to have fun!  I can usually find fun in just about anything I have ever done.  I believe that is why I have always loved every job I have had--because I have found the "fun" in it.  

This doesn't mean that I don't take things seriously, because I do very much.  I have always been passionate about the work that I have done and the importance of that work.  But I have always found time to laugh.

On Wednesday, my retired administrator friends and I went on one of our three or four overnights each year.  These ladies "saved" me so much during some difficult times when I was in Douglas.   And we always have so much fun.  We plan way in advance as all of us  have busy lives.  I have missed the last two outings due to circumstances I couldn't control, but there was no way I was going to miss this one.  Unfortunately, my dear friend, Jill, lost her dad last week and she wasn't able to join us.  But she was there in spirit, as were we with her in spirit in Iowa. 

When we planned this several months ago, I had just started seeing Dave.  I would never have thought that this trip would have been a "bachelorette" party at it's finest.   They totally surprised me.  In between the laughter, I shed a lot of tears.  

They had many funny gifts for me and we laughed a lot.  However, the beautiful bracelets that they gave me will be worn by me often and at the wedding.   One was for our friendship, one was the bride, one was the Claddaugh and one a four leaf clover.

We had so much fun.   I think that they had as much fun as I did.  These women mean the world to me!

When I got home on Friday, we had a "couples" party so others could meet Dave.  It was a totally awesome time.  Lots of people came and it could not have been more fun.  I will write more when I can post some pictures from that evening.

What a whirlwind!!!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Sunday, April 22, 2018--Dave Arrives for our Lifetime!

I have written much over the last few weeks about all of the different emotions I have felt because of having Dave in my life.

Yesterday, I went to a wonderful retirement breakfast for three incredible Instructional Assistants from Gilbert El.  It was absolutely heartwarming to be with so many people I worked with through the years and who I care for very deeply.  I shed a few tears.

I then picked up my car at Discount Tires--have had a nail in both back tires over the last few weeks--weird.

Went to Frys as I hadn't been to the grocery store in quite some time and needed a few necessary items!!!

When I got home, I actually took a nap.  That doesn't happen very often.  I have been going a little too much lately and it has caught up with me.

After I woke up, I had a few things to do around the house to get everything ready for Dave's arrival today.  

I all of a sudden realized that last night was truly my last night of this very long phase of my life--being single.  My friend, Carol, came to the rescue and we went out for a few drinks and a cheese crisp and some great conversation.

In 10 minutes, I leave for the airport to pick up Dave.  I can hardly wait to see him and know that we aren't going to be doing the back and forth that we have been doing since the first part of March.  I have missed him when we weren't together and the weeks have seemed long, as opposed to the weeks we have spent together.  They have gone way to quickly.

Today, the life that I knew will change forever.  While that scares me a bit, it makes me so happy at the same time!  Thirty-nine years of being single is a very long time.  It will take some adjustments--probably mostly on my part.  But I look forward to it at so many levels.

Today, this wonderful man will be here with me in Gilbert.  I am so blessed to have found a soulmate at this time in our lives.  Today begins a new journey sharing my life with someone that I love so much.  Today is a very good day!!

Friday, April 20, 2018

Finding Dimes

One of my good friends from my time in Douglas (Jasper), sent me a message about finding dimes after a conversation that we had about my feelings about my aunt Teresa having something to do with me meeting Dave.

I rarely have coins anymore as most transactions are with credit or debit cards. Whenever I get coins, I put them in a jar to have in case I ever need them.

I didn't pay a lot of attention to this when she sent it to me, even though I believe in "things" like this.

I looked up some information about this and found:

"Seeing the number 10 (or finding dimes) is often a message of validation that you are receiving guidance and insight from your angels and from the realms of spirit. Release any fear or uncertainty and know that you are loved and supported. Things are working out for you for the highest and greatest good.

The #10 is also a call to pay attention, to trust your instinct and honor your intuition, especially regarding making changes to move forward in your life, and to take action to create positive change as you're inspired. Part of making positive changes is keeping focused on what you want to manifest… Call on your angels to help align your thoughts with what you want to experience in your life."

The other day when I got into my car, I noticed two dimes in the console that I had not seen before nor had I put them there.  I assumed that Kerri had when she used my car, but still.....

Then on Wednesday, I went to Gilbert High for a couple of functions that evening.  As I was walking through the parking lot, I glanced down and saw what looked like a dime. It was really beat up like it had been run over a number of times.  I picked it up and put it in my pocket.  I compared it to the dimes when I got home and sure enough, it is a beat up dime!  This one especially touched me!

Last night, I couldn't get the television in my bedroom to turn on.  I went over to restart the cable and right next to the television--on the side where it wasn't visible was this dime.  I have no idea how it got there or when!

Dave also reminded me that my birthday is the 10th (January).   Hadn't thought about that!!!!!! 

Thank you to my angels: my mom, Teresa, Johnny, and Mary for guiding me.  I absolutely believe they are.  I have no doubts whatsoever about the love that Dave and I have for each other!!  But I believe that they are telling me that I am going in the right way regarding the changes in my life!!!!!!  WOW!!!!!!!!!


Monday, April 16, 2018

"A Higher Power--Maybe" But I think it is my aunt Teresa

So many things have happened over the last several months in my life that have been so positive.   And I keep thinking that Teresa (and my mom, too) may have something to do with it.  And Dave feels that his mom might, also.

If Dave had come into my life just a few months before, this would never have happened.  I had too many things going on and would not have had the time to get to know him.

Despite the some times rough go in Douglas, there are very many people down there that I care a lot about and who were very important to me in my role as superintendent and in my life.  I was thinking about a way to do something there so that those people could meet Dave.

Dave and I are going to Bisbee on May 9 and staying until Saturday, May 12.  Our dear friends, Craig and Gloria, offered us their rental which is on Brewery Gulch.  I love Bisbee and I want Dave to spend some time there and see some of the other parts of southeastern Arizona.

Last week I talked to my former secretary and still absolutely dear friend, Carol.  We talked about a reception of some kind.  Knowing that it was going to cost some money, I talked to Dave about it.  That was a first for me as I have always made decisions on my own.  But being the wonderful man that he is and knowing how important it would be to me, he was totally agreeable.  

When we had Teresa's Douglas funeral and burial, we had a reception after at the Gadsden Hotel.  It was perfect and was very reasonably priced.  I called around to a couple of places and determined that the Gadsden would be the best.  Plus they have fixed up their outdoor patio on the second floor and it is beautiful.  We will have it privately.

Yesterday, Judy sent me a text that they had paid Teresa's income tax and there was a little money left over.  I had completely forgotten about that and so it came as a surprise.  She will be bringing me a check later this week and it will more than cover the reception in Douglas. 

To me, this is one more sign that she has her hand in this. When things were not going well down there, she would always tell me that she didn't know what to do other than pray.  And pray she did--a lot!  She always said my mom would have been the one to "take care of things" but that she just didn't know how.  Well, I think she is doing a DAMN FINE JOB!!!!

Friday, April 13, 2018

A Very Emotional Week!

This past week has been a very emotional week for me at so many levels.  I am very happy about how things are going in my life, but there are a lot of changes and there will be a lot of changes in the next few months--good ones!

I ordered pizza on Monday for my Tiger Buddy's class at Gilbert El.  She has been working really hard and earned this for us to be able to have a party with her class.  The young man who answered the phone was darling and I got everything ordered.  When he asked my name, he got excited and said that I was his elementary principal.  I asked his name and he said I probably wouldn't remember him, but I did.  We had a nice chat.  That is what I love about my educational career.

I have been single for 39 years.  I have not had to share my personal life with anyone.  This week I started to clean out drawers and a closet to make room for Dave.  It all of a sudden hit me what was going on in my life.  I am very happy and can hardly wait for us to be together, but this really put everything into perspective.

I also started to make a decision about something for the wedding reception and realized that I needed to ask his opinion since we are in this together and it was something that was going to cost a bit of money.  That was a first for me in a VERY long time. So I called him and as usual, he was wonderful!  

So I have shed a few tears (the good kind) and continue to be amazed at the incredible man who has come into my life.

Tuesday night at our board meeting, I took a lot of "harassment" from Shane and Reed over my screen saver.  I have Dave's and my picture on it and they were both relentless!! I am going to have to change seats and sit between two other people!!!!

Last night GPS had the Educator of the Year Awards.  This year, it included an administrator and support staff in addition to teachers.  It was an incredible ceremony!  

I was able to be on the stage to greet each nominee and to have our picture taken.  I was also asked to say a few  words.  I don't have a problem speaking in public, but I absolutely know that there is no need for a lot of words.  So I spoke about how honored I was to be there.   For me, it was personally even more amazing.  Several of the teachers and support staff had worked for me during my 39 years in the District.  And one teacher was a former student at Patterson and another was the wife of one of my students at Patterson!

I also knew so many people and got so many hugs and thank yous!!  It was a great evening.

I came home and tried to unwind.  I had a small issue with my stomach and didn't feel very well.  I decided with everything going on, I should probably get it checked out with the doctor.  I am glad I did as it is nothing serious, just too much going on in my life right now.  I need to slow down a bit!!

But I did say last night that I now had 47 years in education and wanted to make it to 50. For that to happen, I will have to run for another term.  It is a good thing Dave is so supportive of this.  I am so thankful for this wonderful man!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Musings from Montana

What a wonderful week I  had in Montana!!!  It is absolutely beautiful there.  Although it was snowing when I left on Thursday, I truly hated to leave and not be with Dave. He isn't going to be here in Arizona until April 22 and this is the longest we have been apart. But then he will be here for good!!!!!

However, he needs to have a procedure done on his back before he can come to Arizona. The most important thing for me is that he isn't in any pain.  The second most important is that he gets here really soon!  I miss him tons.

The week in Montana flew by fast.  I absolutely love Butte.  It is beautiful and everyone was so friendly and so nice.  It reminds me so much of growing up in Douglas and the influence of the copper mines, etc.

I got to meet a lot of his friends and family.  What touched me the most were the things that were said about Dave to me and how lucky I am to have him in my life.  I knew that, but it was so nice to hear anyway.

We did a couple of tours of the town.  One evening, one of his teacher friends from Idaho and his wife came into town.  We went to dinner with them and had fun.

My dear friend, Patty Montgomery, and her husband, Don, spent Monday night with us.  We did another tour and then went to have a drink at this really cool distillery.  We went to dinner Monday night at Metals Sports Grill, which is an old bank and watched the NCAA basketball game.

Normally when I do a vacation, I try to write each day.  For some reason, that didn't happen.

Tuesday we went to Fairmont Hot Springs to swim.  I was not really thrilled to think of swimming when there is snow on the ground.  They have an outdoor pool and there were actually people swimming in it!  WOW!!

We went to the indoor one and it was amazing.  The water was so warm and it felt so good.

Another cool thing is he went to Butte High and they are the Bulldogs, just like I was a Bulldog from Douglas High.  Here is a picture of their football stadium.

My most favorite thing to do, though, was to sit on the couch and look out the picture window at the beautiful, snow covered Rockies.  It is so peaceful and so incredibly pretty.  There is a statue of Our Lady of the Rockies that you can see from the house.  The snow was so pretty, but it was very hard for me to wrap my Arizona brain around snow in April.

I loved getting to see Dave's roots.  We plan to spend time there in the summers (which I think are about like Arizona winters).  But the rest of the time we are here in Arizona.  He loves to golf and I have my Governing Board commitment that is so important to me and he GETS it.

This is the longest we have been apart.  Fortunately, I am really busy and hope it will make the time go faster.

I love this man so much and I am so thankful he came into my life.  What a gift we have been given!  We will enjoy it as long  as we can, I have no doubt!

Sunday, April 1, 2018

What an Incredible Day!


I got to Butte Thursday early afternoon and Dave was waiting for me as I came off of the airplane.  It is a small airport so there aren't the hassles of trying to pick someone up.  It was so good to see him!  I had really missed him even though it had been just a week since he was in Gilbert.

It was REALLY cold, but we got to his house and I was nice and warm. His house is older, but is very well taken care of and has an incredible view of Butte and the mountains.

Dave told me that he had made a reservation for us to go to dinner at the restaurant at the Copper Kings hotel.  He had told me about it and with so many of the similarities between Butte and my southern Arizona copper roots, I was glad to go there. 

When we got there, our table wasn't quite ready so we sat at the bar and had a drink.  

When we got to the table, we had just started looking at the menu when one of the ladies who worked there, came up with a camera and asked him if he was ready.  I wasn't sure what was going on, but Dave handed me a wrapped package.   I opened it and in it was the most beautiful rose gold Claddaugh ring.   Dave got down on his knee and asked me to marry him.  The ladies took pictures and clapped and I (of course) cried.  

I knew that there was a chance that he was going to ask me, but it truly caught me by surprise.

The ring is absolutely beautiful.  It is rose gold which is made with copper.  And the fact that it is a Claddaugh means more than anything.  It was too big and he wanted me to pick out the stone so on Friday morning we went to the jewelry store.  I picked out an emerald to go on it and I am just hoping that it will be done before I leave on Thursday.

Of course, I called my kids, Cameron, Judy and several other family and friends.  I have asked Patrick and Cameron to give me away and Kerri will be the maid of honor.  Judy wants to be the flower girl so I am thinking Diego and Seamus can be the ring bearers and Judy came bring them on the leash!!!! 

We called Shawn McIntosh and asked him if he would perform the service and then Dave called Shane and asked for my hand.  It was great.  Shane said as long as we didn't move to Montana.

I am still wondering if I am going to wake up and this will have been a dream......

Here is some information on the history of the Claddaugh and why it means so much to me that it was what he picked out.  

The Claddaugh is the traditional Irish ring that represents love, loyalty and friendship.  The hand represents friendship, the heart represents love and the crown represents loyalty.  They are most commonly used as engagement and wedding rings.  

The ring is worn with the intention of conveying the wearer's status.  It is worn on the left hand with the heart pointing towards the finger tips when the wearer is engaged and then is changed to the heart pointing towards the wrist when the wearer is married.

I love that Dave did what he did and was so romantic and continues to be one of the most thoughtful people I have ever met.

We have tentatively set May 5 as the wedding day.  We are hoping to have everything at our house in Gilbert.  Will do more planning as soon as I get back. 

Dave has to get his marriage annulled through the church which is very important to him.  He has already talked to the priest and set the wheels in motion.  I had mine annulled years ago and I am good to go.  Our plans are now to get the marriage blessed here in Butte as soon he gets it annulled.

I love this wonderful man with all of my heart.  I never expected to feel this way and never dreamed that it would happen to me.   We have so much in common and I absolutely love being with him.   

We will keep his house here and spend time here in the summer.  But the majority of the year will be in Gilbert.  He wants to be able to golf as much as possible and the cold in Butte is bad for his back.

I absolutely believe that this was not a coincidence and I believe that my dear Aunt Teresa may have had something to do with it!!

What a gift I have been given!  I love you, Dave Uggetti, with my whole heart and soul and I am so thankful that you have come into my life!!!!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

A Wonderful Week!

I took Dave to the airport yesterday afternoon after a WONDERFUL week at many levels!!! It was once again hard to say good-bye.  I was teary all the way home.  Not something I had ever expected.  The good part is that I will be going to Butte next Thursday for a week.

The week went fast as opposed to the little over a week waiting for him to get here which went very slow.  I am trying to keep busy for the next few days, which isn't hard for me.  Today I am heading to read in a first and fifth grade class.  I missed two of my dearest friends during Dr. Seuss week and will make it up today.

Something that was really important to me was for Dave to meet my Phoenix cousins. I want him to meet several of my cousins, but the ones here were of the most importance right now.

On Tuesday after my noon board meeting, we headed over to Yaya's house to meet Yaya, Pat, Cecilia and Jay for lunch. Yaya lives in the Roosevelt District and there are so many places to walk to there now.

After we got our lunch, we did a toast and talked.  I had warned Dave about what might be asked.......  He has already been through a few of these before.  Well, the first thing Cecilia said to him was "Thank you for taking Sheila off of our hands, Dave."  Of course!!!!  The conversation went very well and they hit it off and I got their approval!!

After that we went to pick up two of his friends at Williams Gateway Airport. Dave's friends were coming in from Washington to golf.  He taught with Larry and knows Gary well, too.  Both are retired--Larry as a teacher and Gary as a Lutheran Minister.  I promised Dave I would behave, but there were no worries as they are very fun!

They took us to dinner and then we drove them out to San Tan Valley to pick up a car.  Because of spring training, etc., it is hard to find a place to stay that is reasonably priced.  Larry had found an AirB&B, but was a bit worried about it. I told them that they could stay with us, but the toilet downstairs needs to be fixed.

We dropped them off and got home.  Around 10:30, I got a text from Larry. The place they had rented was pretty bad so they got a hotel room for the night.  Larry told me that he was good at plumbing and could fix the toilet.

So yesterday they came over with all of their gear.  They went golfing and I took Dave to the airport.  I had a Town Hall at the district so had to go, but got back to a great steak that they had barbecued!

In the course of our conversation, Larry told me about his niece who lives here in the valley.  Turns out she works in the same office as Cecilia's daughter, Annie, at Phoenix Country Day.  Annie thinks the world of her!  What a small, small world it is!!

Gary and Larry are currently fixing the toilet and then going golfing later in the day.  I am heading out in a few to read to kiddos!

My life has always been filled with many adventures.  However, I am really liking this one!!

Sunday, March 18, 2018

St. Patrick's Day 2018

I always love to have a party at my house as it is great for parties! When I was a principal, my staff always wanted to have parties here. I have wanted to have a St. Patrick's Day party for awhile, but the last few years it was a bit difficult to have any parties.

So this year I decided that I would definitely have a party on my favorite holiday.  In addition, Dave was planning on being back for this week and I figured this would be a real test for our relationship--if he was still with me after this party, all would be good as I love to have a GOOD time and I put the FU in FUN!

I had originally thought I would do a potato bar but then figured I had no idea how many people would be here so decided on my "tried and true" chili beans.  They are always a hit and I can feed a lot of people fairly inexpensively.

Many people came to the party and it was awesome.  There were former administrators from GPS, current ones, many teachers, retired and still working, secretaries, former parents and students (now adults) from Gilbert El, people who worked on my campaign for school board, secretaries I worked with, neighbors, etc. Many people hadn't seen each other in a long time and it was obvious they enjoyed each other.

One of the highlights was the best team I ever worked with when I taught third grade at Patterson were all here.  Patty Montgomery, Dotty Hall, Ann Brabec and I have been friends for 30 plus years.  Patty had our picture taken and it was so fun to be with them.

My house is perfect for parties.  Shenanigans, my Irish Pub, really looks like a pub.  I have many signs, lights, a pool table and most importantly--a karaoke machine with a lot of songs!

Lots of people were downstairs singing--not always a real pleasant sound-haha!  It was cool enough out in the back by the pool that we built a very nice fire.  Many people sat around the fire and talked.  We had some very nice music on (mostly Irish--St. Pat's Day after all).

In the house, a lot of people sat and talked and watched March Madness.  When I was setting things up, I told Dave about how Teresa loved to come to my parties and sit in the one chair in the living room. I always put another chair by it and during gatherings, my friends would come sit and talk to her.  Tom M. mentioned that.  He said it was Teresa's chair and it was so neat how everyone would sit for a time and chat with her. It made me teary for the umpteenth time!

It was a great night and it was obvious people had fun as the last left after 11 and it started at 6!!

Dave got to meet so many people and he got the "seal of approval" from many of them.  He has a golf date tomorrow morning with a couple of the guys.

Today I received many texts and emails from friends saying what a good time they had, which makes me happy!

The house wasn't too bad to clean up and it was nice to have Dave's help. He really pitches in, which is so nice for me and another unexpected bonus.

We went to 11 o'clock mass at St. Anne's.  It is very important to him that he has a partner to go with him and I was very happy to be there. It was a high mass-interesting--and I think we will probably try to go to a different mass in the future.

And the best part--he is still here today.  He had a great time and told me he cares for me even more!  

I have spent St. Patrick's Day in Ireland twice, New York, San Francisco, and Chicago.  All were great, but I think that maybe this was the best one ever!   

Thank you, Dave Uggetti, for coming into my life and loving me--flaws and all!!!  I am going to miss you when you go back to Butte on Wednesday, but it is only eight days before I go there for Easter!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

He's Back and Bearing Gifts!

Dave got back this evening.  I was so looking forward to him being here.  Unfortunately, he missed his connection in Salt Lake City and was almost five hours late.  It is so good to have him here.

He brought me two gifts that are awesome, but one in particular means a lot.

The first one is a St. Patrick's Day t-shirt that says "Butteiful" and it is a map of Montana with the Shamrock right where Butte is.  I love it.

The second gift is the one that means the most to me.  Dave had told me that when he was in high school he was part of two state championship football teams in the largest division in Montana.  He said that he played safety and got in to games after the score was "good."  And as I told him, it doesn't matter, he was on the team and that is what is most important.

They received a gold-plated football for winning the championship. It says MHSA (Montana High School Association) State Football Champions 1967.  Although Dave is a little younger than I am, I graduated in 1967.  He had it put on a beautiful gold chain.   I will wear it near and dear to my heart!!  

I love both gifts because he knows what is important to me.  The football is something that he values and the fact that he gave it to me means a whole lot!!!

I have missed him a lot and I am so glad he is "home."

Here are pictures:

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Maria Shriver--Someone I admire a whole bunch!!

Growing up our family loved the Kennedys.  So much of my childhood memories have to do with politics because of my mom.  She was so excited that JFK became president.  I have posted a lot about it through the years.

I loved Bobby Kennedy. I recently bought the latest biography on Bobby Kennedy to listen to when I walk. I loved what he stood for and his caring for the underdog.  I loved how he evolved through the years and have read almost every book about him.  I believe that he would have made a wonderful president.

When I went to the ASCD Convention in Chicago a few years ago, Tim Shriver was there doing a presentation on the Special Olympics.  I went to  his session and it was at the end of the conference and very few people were there. I was in awe!

I have always admired Caroline Kennedy and Maria Shriver.  Over the last year or so, I have subscribed to Maria's Sunday paper and it is the first thing I read when I get up on Sunday mornings.  I look forward to it and her insight.  I often post one of her quotes (like the one above) on Facebook.

She has a new book out that comes from her Sunday paper.  I was intending to purchase it and then found out that she was going to be at Changing Hands Bookstore in Phoenix.  I called Yaya to see if she wanted to go with me and she did.  So did Patty Montgomery.

So Patty came over and we drove into Phoenix to pick up Yaya and go yesterday morning.  I was so excited!

We got there and got our books and Yaya knows the owners so we were RIGHT IN THE FIRST ROW!

Maria is beautiful and she was so gracious.  I so wanted to talk to her, but know that would not have been appropriate! Maybe someday I will get a chance... I am an optimist and I have been able to do things like this in the past. 

She was here for an event at Barrows on Alzheimer's.  I love that she has done so much work on this awful disease. 

This quote was last week and I love it.  It speaks volumes!