Tuesday, July 3, 2012


As I have posted before, there hasn't been a lot going on that can be written about.   However, I want this particular post to go down in the annals of family history.

Teresa and her friend did a list of people that she wants invited to the big party at the Elks Club on Saturday night.  I had hoped that someone would come down and help me with this part as I HATE to address envelopes, etc.   I don't mind doing 125 pounds of green and red chili meat, but I don't like this part  No one magically appeared, so I decided I better get busy so that we could have a "handle" on how  many people would be at the Elks on Saturday night so I can make sure everyone gets fed.

I asked one of our teachers who has a printing business on the side to make the copies of the invitations.  Needless to say, I didn't spend a lot of time designing them.  However, he made them look awesome and brought them to me last week.  

I retyped the list that she gave me and on Sunday sat down to address the envelopes.  Here is our conversations.  Please forgive me for not having correct punctuation, etc.

Sheila:  "Teresa, who is "Mary Smith?"  Teresa:  "I don't know."  Sheila:  "Do you think we should invite someone you don't know?"  Teresa:  "No, take them off the list."

So I got all of the names done that were on the list.  Here is some further conversation:

Teresa:  "I want to invite 'you know the guy that did the something ten years ago.  I can't remember his name."  Sheila:  "I am not sure who did what ten years ago, so no I don't know his name."  Teresa:  "I will call and find out."  Believe it or not, that has happened over the last few days.  She has called people to find the person who did this or that many years ago so we can invite them!

Sheila:  "Who is 'Mary Smith?'  Teresa:  "I see her at church every day."  Sheila:  "So she is your friend?"  Teresa:  "Yes."

This is just a glimpse in what it has been like.  This is all happening in between trying to run the District.  Now you may not think a medium size District requires that much--BUT YOU HAVE NEVER LIVED ON THE BORDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am taking this week off, sort of!!! I am trying to make sure everything is in order.  I am so happy that this is happening for her sake.  Having this in Douglas is very important to her and the only way that this could happen would be for someone to be here.  We owe so much to her and to our Scott parents.  What a gift of family has been instilled in us!!

However, the last few nights, she has cried a lot because of all that is happening. I can deal with just about everything, but the crying is hard for me to take.  I know, I am a "wussy" but it is still hard.

And the best part, thanks to all of the cousins who have sent money!!! When I asked her how they did it for the last reunion, she said that they put the money in Edward Jones.  So when I needed the first reimbursement, I asked and had to wait 3 to 5 business days to get it.  When I asked her about that, she said it was my idea!!!!  So I guess it was!!!  I bring all receipts to her so that she can make sure it is all taken care of.  So, cousins, you don't have to worry about me absconding with the finances.  However, you may have to help with my funeral expenses when this is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As you know, my sense of humor and writing help me deal with all issues.  Please know that this has been great for me to be a part of and I feel blessed and honored to be able to do this. 

Anxious to see all of you soon!!!