Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!!

Yesterday Dave and I went to a Mariners vs. Cubs spring training game at Sloan Park in Mesa.  Sloan Park is the Cubs spring training facility and is really close to us.  I have not been to a spring training game in many, many years.  I knew that it had become really big, but WOW!  The park is amazing.

I love sports and it is fun to be able to go to games with Dave as he is a sports nut!  His team is the Mariners from his years living and teaching in Washington state. I have always liked the Cubs, but was absolutely for the Mariners.

He bought the tickets when he first came down and the seats were amazing!  We were about four rows from the field and many of the Cub players were warming up and talking to the crowd.  It was cool.  I got his great picture and you can see how close we were.

It was a beautiful day to watch a game. One of the Mariner players came up to bat and he only had a number on--no name.  And the board didn't show any of his previous statistics and he hit a grand slam home run!! I think that has to be what is so much fun during spring training--to see players trying to make the big leagues do something like hitting a grand slam!

Was looking forward the seventh inning stretch where the fans all sang "Take Me Out to the Ballgame." I took a video and it is funny but I can't get it to save on my blog.  Will keep trying.

When we got home, I fixed some chicken enchiladas for dinner.  I helped Dave post on Facebook (he is a bit technologically challenged).  Here is what he posted.  It means a lot and he has received several very nice messages about it.

 I am happy!

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Four Fun-Filled Days!

When I retired July, 2015, I really worried about how I was going to fill my time after so many years of working.  I shouldn't have as I was really busy with many things.  Taking care of Teresa was perhaps the most important "job" I had during those two years.

For the past seven+ months, not having her in my life has been hard. So many times I want to tell her something that has happened.  Even before she passed, that was not possible because of her dementia.

I have kept very busy with Governing Board activities and with the many wonderful friends that I have.  Meeting Dave has been an incredible bonus in my life.  He is such a nice man and he treats me so well.  And the best part is that I get to be totally myself and I HAVEN'T scared him off (YET)!

On Thursday, Elise and Jessie came up from Tucson.  We had tickets for Bill Maher on Saturday night and that was the reason that they came up here.  I was so glad that they came early.  The nice part for them was that they had the entire downstairs to themselves!!!

Thursday night we went to dinner in downtown Gilbert at POMO and then went to the Hale Theater to see No, No, Nanette.  I had not been there to see anything even though it has been opened for several years.  What a nice venue and we really enjoyed the musical.

Brad and Liz Barrett were there and when I saw them, I waved to them.  At the intermission, they came over to where we were sitting.  I introduced them to Elise, Jessie and to Dave.  Brad gave Dave "a little talking to" about how he should treat me, which was hilarious! Poor Dave!  People should be lecturing me--not him!

We went to breakfast Friday and then to the movies in the early afternoon. Elise and Jessie went to dinner with her niece in Phoenix and Dave and I met Anna and Phil ("my" secretary when I was a sub principal).  I absolutely love both Anna and Phil and we had a such a nice time!!

Saturday morning  after I moderated a Town Hall at the District, we went to breakfast, MANY others were also thinking the same thing.  Everything was super crowded.  We ended up at the Broken Yoke.  The best part of that breakfast was the flight of Mimosas!

We met Patty Montgomery at the light rail station in Mesa and took the light rail into Phoenix for the concert. I love taking the light rail--no worries about driving or parking.

We had decided to go to dinner at an Irish Pub--Seamus Mccaffery's.  Judy and I had eaten there when we went to see Jersey Boys. It has great ambience and looks like a real pub in Ireland.

After dinner, we walked to Comerica and  had to be searched.  I must look a bit shady as of late because I had to be "wanded" as we went in.  This happened to me both on the way to and from Oakland when I went last month.  Jessie thought this was really funny!

Bill was hilarious. I really enjoy seeing him. I do not agree with him all of the time at all, but I appreciate his intelligence.  He is very irreverent!!

We got home late, but it was a good tired to be.  I have been going nonstop for days it seems.

Jessie and Elise left, but it was so good to have them here.  I always love spending time with both of them and things with Dave went very well.

Tonight we are meeting my dear friends, Sandra and Tom Sanders, for dinner at Si Senor in Chandler. Always look forward to time with them.

Dave has been so nice to me and I am very comfortable with him, which is totally unbelievable to me. I keep thinking that the timing of him coming into my life was perfect. If it had been much sooner, I would not had the time to get to know him and spend the time with him to get to know each other. He leaves next Sunday to go back to Montana, but he will be back for a week over St. Patrick's Day.  I will be going to see him the first of April. I am going to enjoy every moment while I can!  I am blessed in many, many ways!

Monday, February 19, 2018

Southeastern Arizona Adventures over President's Day Weekend

A while ago I made reservations to go to Tombstone for President's Day as Kerri and I had gone there last year and really had fun being tourists for a few days.  We had made reservations late and stayed at a not so great hotel--but it was clean and that was what was most important.  This time, I made reservations for a bed and breakfast. 

Since I have been seeing Dave quite a bit, I told Kerri that I wanted to take him down to see southeastern Arizona and my "roots" and she was okay with it.  So Dave and I left on Saturday and drove to Tombstone. The bed and breakfast was unique, as are many places in Tombstone!

We walked around Tombstone and I told him all about our family connections and the history that I know.  We had a good dinner and some drinks and had a good time.  

We did some of the typical tourist things and had this picture taken.  I love it.

We had planned to go to Bisbee on Sunday so he could see Bisbee and could meet my dear friends, Gloria and Craig. I had let my secretary in Douglas, Carol, know that we would be in the area.  She wanted to see us and I so wanted to see her. I was very hesitant to go to Douglas since we sold the house.  I wasn't sure I could do this. However, on Sunday Dave asked if I would take him to Douglas as he wanted to see where I grew up and the house.  So I said yes.  

I let Carol know we would be down there around 11ish and would meet her at the Gadsden.  I so dreaded this trip, but was hoping I would be okay being able to show Douglas to Dave.

We met Carol at the Gadsden but nothing was open so we went to the American Legion.  It was so AWESOME to visit with her.  She was my secretary, but more than that, she is my dear friend and always will be!

She brought me this beautiful "stone" in honor of being Irish and St. Patrick's Day.

After we talked and had such a wonderful time, we left and drove around Douglas.  I showed him the house and didn't fall apart.  The people who bought it are taking very good care of it.  We went by Loretto School, Douglas High School and the District Office.  We went to the cemetery as I had not seen Teresa's headstone in place yet.  He was amazed at how close everything is to Mexico.

I did well and didn't fall apart..........

Next we went to the border so I could take his picture.  He couldn't believe how close it is.

We then went to Bisbee and met Gloria and Craig, my dear friends who have a home in Bisbee, for lunch.  We had so much fun and they got along so well.  I love this picture!

After that we headed back to Tombstone.  Went for a drink as we had eaten a lot and then back to the B&B.

Today we went to Green Valley to have lunch with Dave's cousins from Montana who are here golfing (like he is).  I met his cousin, Chuck and his wife, Maura, and they were delightful.  I think that Maura and I could be great friends.  It was awesome!

We had another great time together and I am so happy he has come into my life!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

A Special Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day was special for me. I have been doing a lot of things lately that are way out of my comfort zone in many ways. Spending time with a wonderful man has been quite an experience. Dave is so good to me and the more time we are together, the more I appreciate what he has to offer.  

We have a lot in common with our love for sports and our educational careers. He is very respectful of my role on the Governing Board and encourages me to do as much as I feel I should.  That says a lot to me.

He is currently staying in a retirement community in Apache Junction with a golf course and a lot of amenities. Last night they had a Valentine's Day Dance there with a live band. The band played a lot of songs from the 50's and 60's.  Although I haven't had much opportunity to do so, I love to dance. Many nights I put on my music and dance around the house to get my "steps" in--not a pretty sight!  However, he also likes to dance so we went last night.

We went to dinner first at a Mexican restaurant owned by an acquaintance of mine. It was super crowded, even as early as it was in the late afternoon. I generally try to avoid restaurants on Valentine's Day and this was a perfect example.

The dance was really fun with the exception of "too many old people" being there!  Haha!  I am just in denial, I am thinking!  What was really great was to see so many people having such a great time!  It was such a fun night and once again, we had a wonderful time together.

Dave leaves at the end of the month to go home to Montana. He is planning on coming back for St. Patrick's Day and I am planning a trip to see him the first part of April.  I don't know what the future will bring, but I do know that I am enjoying every minute of our time together right now!  What a nice, kind and gentle man he is!