Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cousin Mo Comes to Visit


This week we have had a visitor at our house. Maurice Antonio Gomez Gabaldon, also known to our pugs as Cousin Mo, is spending the week with us. Cousin Mo is the "only pug" of my cousin Yaya who is in California for the week. She wanted him to be around other pugs. Mo is actually the reason we have our three pugs. When Yaya got Mo a few years ago, Cameron absolutely loved him so that is how we got Pedro.

So Matt H. brought Mo over last Friday. Pancho was thrilled to see him, Pedro was stand-offish as he is a prissy pug, and Lucy wasn't quite sure what to do. Mo was ecstatic to be around other dogs his size, at least in height. You see, Mo is a bit chubbier than our pugs.

Right from the "mo"ment he got here, Mo decided that he needed to "hump" my poor, little Lucy. All of these pugs have been fixed....... However, Mo must have felt the need to show some dominance or something... Of course, since they have all been fixed, this humping was not quite up to par, so to speak. Both Matt and I told Mo how "mo"rtified Yaya would be at his im"mo"ral behavior. Mo paid us no mind.

Throughout the weekend Mo continued to try to "hump" my innocent little Lucy. The one advantage that she has is that she, along with Pedro and Pancho, can get away from Mo because they can jump up on the furniture and on the bed. Mo is not quite able to make that leap as he is just a bit chubby. As the weekend wore on, Mo decided that his next "mo"ve would be to try and hump Pancho. Now Pancho wanted nothing to do with this. So Pancho was able to get away by jumping up on the couch or a chair.

Meanwhile, the one pug who may have enjoyed this, our prissy pug Pedro, just watched from his perch on the chair or the back of the couch.

We have decided that Mo is a very appropriate name for him as it is probably short for "MO"lester. Last night I called Yaya in California to let her know about her pug, "MO"lester. Of course, she was "mo"rtified. She is thinking that when she comes home, she may have to get another pug so that Mo won't be an only pug and will learn proper behavior!

I can hardly wait until we have five pugs in our house if Yaya goes out of town again!!!

(Hope you enjoy the music that goes along with this post. If you listen carefully to the words, I think you will see why I chose it.)

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Anonymous said...

This was a hilarius MO..ment!!!You're just puggin along. What fun!!

Just a mem MO.
We all need a That was Easy button!
Thanks for sharing,
Ann (Grammy)