Monday, August 11, 2008

Celebrating with Some California Cousins

Last Tuesday, Brendan, from San Francisco came to visit for a few days of R & R before he starts back to college. Brendan is the son of one of my cousins who all live in San Francisco. His grandfather was my mom's youngest brother, Bill.

He picked a great time to visit Arizona--it was at least 108 degrees most days. In addition, Wednesday was our first day back with kids so he was on his own all day.

I think he actually enjoyed it, though. He went swimming and entertained our pugs all day!!

So Saturday we had all of the cousins over for a cook-out and swimming in the backyard.

Two more cousins from northern California were here visiting our other cousin, Maggie, so they joined us. Liz and her beautiful little daughter, Maria, were here to celebrate Liz's graduation from college. Maria is my cousin Marion's little granddaughter. Teresa wasn't able to make it up from Douglas as she is having some routine maintenance done at 858.

There are several small children in our family and they had a great time swimming and playing in the backyard.

After dinner Cameron and some of the little kids went downstairs to Shenanigan's to sing karaoke. Well, Cameron reported that he had to take the microphone away from the three year old because he was saying naughty words into the microphone!!! I think this was the highlight of the whole evening for me!!! I think that he is a lot like his grandmother, Cecilia!!!

Anyway, it was a nice evening and it was good to see everyone as usual. Brendan left yesterday and we were very happy to have him visit us.

The opening of the school year has gone very smoothly. I am always a bit apprehensive to say this because it seems the minute I think things are smooth, something very unusual happens. So this time, maybe putting it in writing for the whole world to see will be a good thing and bring good luck!!

It doesn't seem possible that this is the start of my 37th year in education. For the past 19 years, I have opened a new year as the principal of my school. I have to say once again what an incredible group of people I go to work with every day. My secretary, Barb, and Cris, Toni, Nurse Barb, Louise and Dr. Kathy are wonderful in our office. I thank them for making things run so well. They always treat our kids and parents with the utmost courtesy and respect.

This weekend was a very good ending to a very good week!

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barb said...

Sheila-You are the best boss lead by example so that we all enjoy coming to work every day!