Sunday, June 24, 2018

Washington Reception--June 22, 2018

What a wonderful day we had yesterday in the Yakima Valley where Dave spent the majority of his educational career!!!!  This is what "greeted" us upon our arrival on Thursday.  Both Dave and I were so touched by this!

His friends, Scott and Tammy, not only let us stay with them, but put on quite a party last night.  So many of Dave's friends were here and it was amazing for me to get to meet them.  It was so nice to hear so MANY wonderful things about Dave.  Many, many people told me what a fine man he is, which I already knew.  The best one was a teacher he worked with for several years who told me he is one of the three finest men in the western hemisphere.  Those were her exact words.

Some of the teachers that he hired came and called him Mr. Uggetti.  One is a very successful high school football coach who told me that Dave was so influential in who he is today.  His wife and I talked a lot and she actually got teary because of how much they care about him.  

One of his childhood friends from Butte lives close and he and his wife were able to attend.  Gary told me that Dave was the leader when they were kids, but he was also the one who tried to keep everyone out of trouble.  I told him that he had a VERY BIG job now trying to keep me out of trouble!!!  I am glad he had a lot of experience in that area growing up!!

Before the party, we went for a ride and Scott told Dave to take me by Grandview High School.  Here is what was up on their marquee!

Needless to say, this brought a few tears to my eyes.  We were both so touched by this.  Scott is the Athletic Director there and so he arranged it.  Their principal also was at the party. She and Dave taught together.

We both can never thank Scott and Tammy enough for their incredible hospitality in letting us stay here for two nights and putting on the party.  Tammy worked so hard.  Their yard is beautiful and was the perfect venue for an event like this.   It was absolutely amazing in every way.

Dave and I talked for a long time before we went to sleep.  It was so wonderful to hear him so excited about the evening and how people feel about him.  One of the other great comments that I heard was how lucky Dave is to have me because he deserves to be happy and be with someone to share his life in a positive way.  I think that is absolutely happening to both of us.  

I told a few people the story of my Aunt Teresa who I still believe with my whole heart brought Dave and I together!

It was a wonderful few days and an incredible evening!

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