Sunday, July 1, 2018

Three Years Ago--Such a Huge Decision

I posted this on Facebook yesterday.   It doesn't seem possible that it was three years ago.  So much has happened.  Wish I could cut and copy the wonderful comments.

This post is a bit long, but it is important to me to be able to express a few sentiments today. Three years ago today was my last day of "official" work as an educator in a public school setting after 44 years. I had decided to retire the previous December. Saying good-bye to all of the wonderful people in Douglas was so hard. I did not think I was ready to be done at that time and I guess I haven't--just in other ways. Moving back to Gilbert and bringing my Aunt Teresa with me was the best decision. At that time, I didn't think I could really retire, but had no idea what I would do.

The past three years have been amazing back here in Gilbert and it has been so incredible for me to continue to be involved in education in different roles. I have done some work for ASU, subbed as a principal, and then ran for the GPS Board. It has been incredibly rewarding and I am so proud that I am up to 47 years in education. Still have a few more to go and I am hoping to "maybe" make it to the magical 50 year mark in a few years! 

The past three years have brought many changes to my life, both sad and very happy. I continue to thank all of the people who have made a difference in my life during this journey. I have been so blessed with so many people who have been part of my life both personally and professionally. I am so fortunate to call so many friends and know that they truly are friends! Thank you for this wonderful ride. I am so grateful to the many people who contributed to the first 44 years and the many incredible people I have met these past three years. What a ride it has been and I think will continue to be!!! Not many people are as fortunate as I have been and again THANK YOU to the many people who are so supportive, kind, and wonderful!

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