Friday, March 21, 2008

Dublin, Friday Morning

I don't know why I didn't put this in yesterday. I just wasn't thinking when I was writing. Judy wrote in a comment about our Mary in Douglas. She is not doing well and I said prayers for her, too. I have holy water for her. Judy is right. Mary has a special place in our hearts. She has always been there for us. While we were growing up, she was there every day to make sure that our clothes were clean, our house always looked great for so many friends to come to--which they did all of the time, to fix our lunch every day so we never ate at school during our kindergarten through 12th grades, and to give us love. Since we have been grown, she has always been home when we went there. The summers that we spent in Douglas when my kids were younger were always with Mary at the house. Kerri, Patrick, and Cameron love her, too. Since my mom died, she has stayed at the house for Teresa so that she could be with us. Mary never had a lot of material possessions, but she always has love. Every time any of the cousins came to visit, there she was making tortillas. Cecilia and Marion always hid tortillas so that they would be sure to have some to take home!!! We love you, Mary!!!! I am putting in a special pictures for you, Mary. This is the Celtic Cross at Knock. It is so beautiful in person. Kerri, please make sure she gets to read this.

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velvet brick said...

How beautiful, Sheila. I have said a prayer for your sweet Mary.

Anonymous said...

Mom, I didn't see this until we were getting ready to leave Douglas today. But, we told her about you being there & Teresa went on and on about you going to Knock & getting water.


Anonymous said...

I'm very sorry to about Mary. I remember when I stayed at your house for HATB, she was very nice to us and made some delicious flat enchiladas for us. She's a wonderful lady and I'll keep her in my prayers.