Sunday, October 5, 2008

Congratulations to Maggie and Mike!!

Last night we went to a celebration to congratulate Maggie and Mike on their engagement. It was held in Phoenix at Monica's and Derik's house. Maggie's parents, Marion and Ron, came in from Turlock and Mike's parents from Mississippi along with Mike's younger brother. Maggie's brother Scott, his wife April, and their three children traveled from San Diego to be a part of this celebration. Her Aunt Teresa and Uncle Don also came from Turlock, as well as their daughter, Kate, from San Diego. Of course, our family was there and they alone make for a big party!!! Our Aunt Teresa from Douglas stayed up here so that she wouldn't miss this party!! Many of Mike's and Maggie's friends were also there.

At any family gathering no matter what it is, there are always plenty of children. It is so great to see how well the young cousins get along and truly like each other. We had to leave a bit early as Kerri wasn't feeling well and Cameron was so disappointed to have to leave.

Mike and Maggie are both wonderful young people. Maggie is always so thoughtful in so many ways. I have so enjoyed getting to know her as an adult since she moved to Arizona a few years ago. Mike is one of the genuine nice guys of the world. I know that they will have many wonderful years together. They are planning their wedding for September, 2009.

So Maggie and Mike, here is an Irish Blessing for you:

May the blessing of light be with you always,

light without and light within,

and may the sun shine upon you and warm your heart,

until it grows like a great fire
so that others may feel
 the warmth of your love for one another.

2 remarks:

Anonymous said...

What a nice blog, thanks, Sheila and great choice of song! It was so wonderful to have our family with friends and part of Mike's family together! :)-Maggie & Mike

Cheela said...

I am glad you enjoyed it, Maggie. I truly meant what I said. I know the song is a bit old-fashioned....but I hoped you would like it.