Saturday, August 22, 2009

A New York Moment

Last weekend, I traveled to New York with my Aunt Teresa, my cousins Cecilia & Jay, Pat, Yaya, and Marion to attend the wedding of Justin and Charlotte in New Salem, New York. Justin is the son of my cousin, Teresa and her husband, Donald. We left Phoenix at 7:00 a.m. Thursday morning and flew into New York's LaGuardia Airport where we rented a van to get us to our hotel in Danbury, Connecticut.

It was quite a trip to get to Danbury. Jay was driving and
Pat was navigating. We were lost for about an hour. As family legends are created, the story was that we were lost for seven hours!! It just seemed like that many hours! My favorite part of this is that I was the YOUNGEST in the van!

Friday brought more of our family with our cousins from San Francisco arriving. Our cousin, Eddie, who I wrote about last March on his birthday, lives in Brewster, New York. He was able to come to all of the festivities. When he arrived at the hotel, it was so touching to see him with his daughter, Angie and then with Teresa. It was so great to see him
and to witness first hand how incredible he is doing. He looked wonderful.

Friday night brought the rehearsal dinner. With our family and Donald's, there were so many people who traveled so far. We were all invited to the rehearsal dinner and even driven to it in a rented school bus!! It was in a beautiful location in Connecticut! Dinner was delicious and the toasts (and roasts) were great. I was able to capture most of them on my camera. All of the videos are posted on You Tube. Please email me and I will tell you how to find them on You Tube. The one with Pat and Yaya is priceless!!!

Saturday was the wedding at a very old and beautiful church in New Salem. Once again, we were transported from the hotel to the church and then to the reception at Charlotte's family home--an absoultely beautiful setting!! The wedding was beautiful. Justin surprised Charlotte by having their dog, Brutus, on the altar with him. It was so neat to see her face when she saw Brutus!!!

At all of our family celebrations, we have a tradition which I think brings good luck to the couple!!! All of the family gets out on the dance floor to sing "Tequila Sheila." Two of Justin's friends invited me to their weddings because of this. The best part is that neither one even have a girlfriend. I am thinking that maybe I could make some extra money when I retire by going to weddings and bringing this song!!!!

On Sunday all of us went to New York City for the night. Teresa had never been to NYC before this and it was so fun to see her recognize different streets and buildings. We had tickets for Mamma Mia on Broadway on Sunday night. It was a fabulous play and Teresa thoroughly enjoyed it.

We got home about 10 p.m. on Monday. I have had a night activity at school every night this week so that is why I haven't posted anything about this wonderful weekend.

Thanks to Teresa and Don and Justin and Charlotte for providing this memory making weekend for all of us. I am so glad I was able to be there. Aunt Teresa had an incredible time with the family. Family is so important to her and I am so grateful for her wonderful spirit of adventure! She wouldn't miss any of these events!!!!

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Anonymous said...

What fun and memories with family and friends out East. New York is like OZ with the history and glamour. Mamma Mia would be thrilling to see there. Theresa is probably planning the next adventure!! "Tequla Sheila" the "Wedding Planner" can also be the "Kareoke MC" for a small fee.:)
Here's to more weddings and parties!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like another wonderful adventure. The rented school bus really cracked me up. Aunt Teresa is amazing ... I wish I had her energy.
Love & hugs,

Anonymous said...

Sheila, That's so great you were the youngest one in the van!!! Do you have more pictures to share with us, would love to see! Looked like a beautiful wedding and fun weekend. -Maggie

Martha said...

Sheila, I am always inspired by your family stories. How lucky you all are to have each other! I don't come from a family like that, but hope with all my heart to change that with my and my sister's families.

Sorry you came back to such a busy week. Dealing with the time zone change isn't always fun on top of that. I hope you had some fun Friday night. You looked exhausted.

Missed hearing you sing Tequila Sheila at the party!


Jane said...

It sounds like you had a great trip. Nothing beats spending time with family. I would love to see Mama Mia on Broadway!
I hope next week is less hectic and that you actually make it home before 9:00 pm. :-)

Julie said...


Sounds like a wonderful time. I agree with Martha's comments on how lucky you are to have a family like that. You have traveled quite a bit this past year...good for you. Mamma Mia on Broadway must have been a delight. I love going to Broadway to see any show....always makes me feel so alive!

velvet brick said...

What a wonderful trip of memories made...and bless Teresa for making it, too! What an experience for all of you. I think you may have something there about an 'after-retirement' job with the 'Tequila Sheila' thing!! Hopefully, this week won't be as busy as last!

Susie of Arabia said...

It sounds like such a wonderful family wedding. I am sure one of the highlights everyone will remember is "Tequila Sheila!" You are so fortunate to have such a large and loving extended family.