Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What happens in Vegas..........

What happened in Vegas, should stay in Vegas. However, I am going to do a post on a wonderful few days that we had last week. My Aunt Teresa turns 88 at the end of this month, so we decided to do a "Girls' NightS Out" to celebrate her birthday. There were 12 of us "girls" altogether with Kerri and Kate J. helping to reduce the average age to about 60ish! Thank heavens we had them to help with that!!

Going from Arizona were Judy, Kerri, Teresa and I, along with my Uncle Matt's daughters', Yaya, Pat, and Cecilia. Coming from California was another of Matt's daughters, Marion. Also from California, my Aunt Dot's twin daughters, Jan and Jean. And all the way from Georgia via Colorado and California, Matt's youngest daughter, Teresa Ann and her youngest daughter, Kate! What a wild group of women!!!

We visited a lot, had wonderful dinners, and went to see Jersey Boys. Of course, we lost money, too!! Teresa was in her glory with all of her nieces..... All of my Uncle Matt's girls were there. We reminisced about our families and all of the fun we had growing up. Many summers were spent in Douglas over the years. Matt's wife and the girls' mom, Gyp, died in 1980. Her 100th birthday was a few weeks ago. She was born in Bisbee before Arizona became a state--hard to imagine!!

If it hadn't been for Gyp, I probably would not have made it through my first year at ASU. I was so homesick and missing Douglas. Every weekend I went to their house and was treated just like her kids. When I was younger, I was a bit scared of her, but after a time I realized her bark was much worse than her bite!! She was a great lady and I will be ever grateful for the way she helped me during that first year when I was so homesick. She would have been proud of her family and how all of us have stayed together. Matt remarried after Gyp died (they had celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary). I truly think it was a tribute to her that he wanted to get married again. Matt died in 2006 leaving Glennie and his daughters. Yaya, Pat, and Cecilia have been incredible in taking care of Glennie. I have so much respect for what they do!

My Aunt Dot died not too long after Gyp. She would also be so happy that her family has stayed so connected to all of us. If she were around, she would be the life of the party in Vegas!! She was also born in Douglas in 1912 a few months after Arizona became a state! I miss those great ladies and hope they were all smoking a cigarette with my mom and looking down on us!!
I had a wonderful time as I know that Teresa did. We are going to try to have an annual event to celebrate her birthday somewhere!!

Our family is wonderful and I am proud to be a part of the Scott Family from Douglas, Arizona!!!!

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Anonymous said...

What an awesome picture, Sheila!! It is indeed a keeper!! There our beautiful Teresa is among all of you. What fun she must have had and just know she kept all of you girls in line or at least tried to. Am sure Vegas as well as The Jersey Boys will never be the same with all the Scott girls gracing them with their presence!!
Love it!

Martha said...

Sheila, I know I tell you this all the time, but I am so in awe of the love and care and genuine admiration that all the members of your family have for each other. It is something I look up to andhave always tried to emulate in my own family. Vegas sounds like it was a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

Sheila, what a great tribute you did to our Mom and Dot. Yes, she was quite a lady and would be very proud of her family as would Dot. I'm sure all the Scott clan was looking down on us! Thanks for recapping the Vegas trip -- it was fun.


NP said...

Sounds like a perfect trip to me. Happy birthday Aunt Teresa ~ I'm glad you were born!!!!!!
Love & hugs,