Friday, August 6, 2010


Pedro Pug, alias "The Barker," has been sent back to Gilbert for excessive barking. Pedro just couldn't contain himself in the short period that he was in Douglas. Everywhere he went, he had to bark. Innocent people walking down the street were accosted by his very loud and shrill bark. The cat in the backyard was chased out of the yard in a fit of barking. (Pedro couldn't figure out where the cat went and tried to get into the dry swimming pool to find the cat.)
He barked looking out the front window of the house. He barked upstairs in the middle of the night. There was nothing that would keep him from his undaunted task of being "The Barker."

At one point, it appeared that Pedro might have to go back on the Douglas/Agua Prieta shuttle and be left off at Denny's on I10. However, a fortunate circumstance found Pedro getting a ride in air conditioned comfort in a Honda Civic. Pedro was actually thrilled to go back to Gilbert with his boy, Cam!!

Taking Pedro's place in Douglas is Pancho. Pancho joins Lucy in this Douglas version of "Pug Survival." So far Pancho is acclimating very well. However, that may have to do with the bark protector that sits on the desk near the front door. It emits such a high pitch that only animals can hear it. This device did not arrive in time to save Pedro from deportation!

Stay tuned to late breaking news about the latest reality show......"Pug Survival!!!"

2 remarks:

NP said...

Sorry this didn't work out for poor Pedro :(
Love & hugs,

Kerri and Cameron said...

Cameron is glad to have Pedro back, and he's not barking excessively. We do, however, miss Panchito way too much. It's not the same without our daily fetch.