Saturday, July 30, 2011

What Happens on a Cruise Stays on a Cruise!

Earlier this month, I went on my first ever cruise!!   Several months ago, my dear friend and former boss, Leona, asked me if I would like to go on this cruise with several people that I worked with through the years in Gilbert.  She was able to get a great deal for this seven day cruise--the only catch was that I had to join AARP.  Now I know how old I am, but I have dragged my feet on joining this organization and I am not yet retired!! Anyway, because it was in July, I figured it would be okay to go.  My "old" friend, Mary Larson was my roommate which was great for me.   

I flew from Phoenix to New Orleans on Saturday, July 9.  We were all staying in the same hotel that night.  I was able to spend some time in the French Quarter with Jill and George.  We had a great time!!

Sunday we all met out front and went down to the pier to get on the ship.  It was very interesting how they got everyone on board the ship in a fairly timely manner!

Since I don't get car sick, I figured I wouldn't get sea sick--wrong!!  The first night I was a bit queasy and it continued into the second day.  Got some meds and some wrist bracelets and was much better.  However, I couldn't look at the ocean with the boat moving.  That also went away--thank goodness.

The first day was spent at sea.  On Tuesday we arrived in Costa Maya, Mexico.  It was beautiful.  I decided not to do anything that day, but just walk around. 

Wednesday we arrived in Routan, Honduras, another beautiful place.  We did a tour of the island and saw some of the native dancers perform.  

Thursday was spent in Belize.  Mary, Judy, Tom and I went to a private beach and spent the day swimming and relaxing.   The water was great!!!

On Friday, we arrived in Cozumel.  The ocean there is absolutely gorgeous.  The shopping in Cozumel is suppose to be the best.  We walked around all of the shops.  I actually bought a very nice ring for myself and one for Kerri for her birthday.  I really  like Cozumel and would love to go back and spend some time there.

Saturday was another day at sea.  We arrived back in New Orleans early Sunday.   Since my flight wasn't until late, several of us went on a tour of New Orleans.  We saw the horrible destruction that happened with Hurricane Katrina.  They are STILL recovering.  The houses that they are now building are very interesting.  They are kind of on stilts.

Speaking of recovering, I am still recovering from a week of fun!!  It was back to work on Tuesday and it is has been BUSY.  However, it was great to get completely away--no phone and only one day of email.  

It was wonderful spending the week with such great old friends.   Thank you, Leona and Sam, for all that you did.  Leona really outdid herself.  Each morning we had a newsletter!!!  

It was great spending time with Mike and Dottie, Judy and Tom, Jill and George, Nancy and Wally, Brad and Liz, and some of Wally's and Nancy's friends. I had so much fun. 

Going on a cruise is definitely worth it and I hope to have another opportunity to do this in the future!!

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NP said...

Oh my ~ I'm so sorry you got sick but was happy to hear it was only temporary. Sounds like a wonderful time with some special friends. Glad you made it home safe and sound. I can't remember when Kerri's birthday is but I hope you didn't just give away what her gift is :) Have a great 2nd year in Douglas!
Love & hugs,

~M said...

How fun!! Would love to see more pictures! We should do a Scott family cruise in the future :)

Mike's parents live about 45 minutes from "Nawlins" we always make a trip there when we visit. A very neat city!

Susie of Arabia said...

Cruising is the way to go!

Jessie & Elise said...

Hello Shiela,
Glad to hear that you had a great time on the cruise. We love cruising as a matter of fact we will be on one for 7 days the first week of September to Alaska.
Jessie & Elise