Monday, January 16, 2012

"Complimentary?" Name Calling?

Can being called a name ever be complimentary?  Believe it or not, I believe this to be true!!!  Yes, it is true and this is coming from someone who never allowed any student to call another student a name..............

Last Tuesday was my birthday and I just happened to be up in the valley for state meetings on the committee I sit on.  I had received an email earlier from Barb, my former secretary, asking if I was going to be up in the valley any time soon.  She said she would like to have a "little" happy hour with my Gilbert friends.  

The timing was perfect and I was excited to see some of the people who have meant so much to me over the years. As I walked in, they started singing a song that my dear friend, Jan, made famous.  It should end with "she's a lovely lass."  However, the version is just a tad "different."

I was so touched to see SO MANY of these wonderful friends!!!!!!!  When I left to come to Douglas, I truly left in a week.  Although I feel that there has been closure, I have to say that I truly miss the wonderful relationships that I had with so many wonderful people over the years.  And it was so awesome to see so many people there!!  I can't even begin to say what this meant to me.

I love my job down here in Douglas!  I feel rejuvenated and I feel that there is a reason that I came here.  At the time that I moved down here, I thought it was going to be because of my dear Aunt Teresa.  And it has been.  However, I truly believe that there was another reason.   And because of that belief, I know that my job down here isn't finished.  

Putting all of those reasons aside, I would just like to say how much last Tuesday meant to me on a personal level.  Today I was reading the many cards that I received.  I have to say that there were tears in my eyes when I finished.  I truly cherish those wonderful relationships and hope that no matter what life brings, I will always know that my time at that wonderful school was also a blessing for me in many ways.

So thank you to all of my wonderful friends for making this birthday so special!!  Words can't express how much it meant to me.  Love all of you!!!!! 

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NP said...

I KNEW I forgot something . . . the CARD!!! Kelly and I LOVED seeing you!
Love and hugs,