Sunday, February 12, 2012

Celebrating Yaya's 75th Birthday

Last weekend, Teresa and I went to Phoenix to celebrate the 75th birthday of my wonderful cousin, Margaret Ellen, also known as Yaya to the family.

On Friday, the sisters (my five Phoenix Scott cousins) met for dinner at Durant's in Phoenix.  Teresa and Don came from Atlanta and Colorado, Marion and Ron from Turlock, and the rest of us from Arizona, Cecilia, Jay, Pat, Teresa, Judy and me.  It means so much to me that I am considered one of the sisters!

Durant's is an elegant restaurant in downtown Phoenix. It has been there since 1952.  We have had many fun times there over the years.  I hadn't been there in quite some time.  We had a wonderful time.  When we use to go for New Year's, my mom always said we were going to Duranti's.  Loved that!!

On Saturday, most of the Arizona family (which is quite large) and many of Yaya's friends, gathered at Paul's and Beth's house for a surprise party.  I am not sure if she was totally surprised, but it was awesome to see so many people there who love her.

I have written on previous posts about my Phoenix cousins.  They are truly like sisters and I love them all.  

We are blessed to have Yaya in our family!!  I know that I am blessed to have my wonderful Phoenix cousins!!!  Happy birthday to Pat, whose birthday is two days after Yaya's.  Don't know what I would do with out my "sisters" in Phoenix.  Love you all!!!

What a wonderful world we have with all of our extended family.  The Scott Family is the best!!!

And thank you to the next generation (Maggie, Monica, etc.) for all of your hard work to make this possible!!!!!!!!!!

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~M said...

You should add more photobooth pics, they are so funny! :) We are glad you and Aunt Teresa could come up early for the party! We love our Yaya!

NP said...

Happy Birthday YaYa ~ so glad you could all be together for your big celebration!
Love & hugs,