Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day, 2012

The past month has been so busy for me with graduation and other events in May.  The three day weekend was very welcome!!  Teresa had been in Mesa for Kayla's high school graduation.  My dear friend, Louise, asked me if I would like to meet for the ASU/U of A baseball game on Sunday.  This was a perfect way to visit with Louise and get Teresa back to Douglas.  We have a lot of projects going on for the family reunion in July!  So on Sunday, I met Louise and Alyssa at the stadium to watch the game.  We had a wonderful visit.

 On Monday, Teresa asked if I wanted to go up to Bisbee and put flowers on her grandmother's grave.  She told me that when our great grandmother, Ellen Kneafsey Roughan was alive, she would always get dressed on Memorial Day and wait for one of her grand kids to come and take her to Bisbee to put flowers on her husband's and son's graves.  And Teresa said that she always tried to keep up this tradition.

So we went downtown and bought some pretty plastic flowers and drove to Bisbee to put the flowers on the grave.  The cemetery there is very old (by Arizona standards).  Several years ago, all of Ellen's grand kids gave money to cement the graves to keep all of the weeds out.  As we were driving to Bisbee, Teresa told me what a wonderful soul Grandma Roughan was.  In many ways, Teresa must be a lot like her.  Grandma Roughan lived to be 96 years old and died in 1949.  That is amazing when you think about it.  She came to the U.S. from Ireland when she was very young.  She and my great grandfather moved to Bisbee in 1902.  He was a miner.

I knew that Teresa and my mom always talked about doing this on Memorial Day.  I don't remember doing this growing up.  I remember going to the graves, but no necessarily on Memorial Day.

When we got back to Douglas, we went to the cemetery here to put flowers on my grandparents' grave, my Uncle Johnny's, my mom's and our dear Mary's graves.  We also visited the grave of my Park cousins' grandfather, L.J. Park, who is buried close to our family.

I know Memorial Day honors those who have died in service to our country.  However, going to the graves with Teresa really meant a lot to me for many reasons.  Although I was very tired, I am glad that I was able to do this with her.  As I have written before, these past two years have been a blessing for me to be here in Douglas.  So many memories............

Teresa is so excited for the reunion in July.   The family coming to Douglas means more to her than anything else.  I am so  glad that we are able to do this for her 90th birthday.  Our family is amazing and I want to thank all of the cousins for the support that they have given to make this happen.  It is going to be a memorable time for all of us in the place where all of the original Scotts called home--858 14th St.

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NP said...

What a nice way to celebrate Memorial Day! Glad you had the chance to spend time with Louise and Alyssa ~ thank goodness for cooler weather. Have a great summer. I look forward to the post about Teresa's birthday celebration!
Love & hugs,

Kerri & Cameron said...

Cameron and I have done this with her over the past few years, but I didn't realize the significance until now. Next time I go down, I'm going to the Bisbee cemetery. We should have had a thing about that with the reunion. Still, it was fun. Thanks for sharing her stories.