Saturday, August 18, 2012

We Are Family!

It is hard to believe that it has been  almost a month  since the Scott Family Reunion and Teresa's 90th birthday celebration.  I have truly not had a chance to update my blog and write about what a wonderful four days we had here in Douglas.

On Monday of Reunion Week, our cousins, Mike and Lena, from San Francisco came to help and I can only say how much I appreciate this.  They were more help than they know.  Kerri came down on Tuesday and was also a tremendous help.  And even, Cameron (age 13) did so much.  He had been here all summer and helped me in many ways.  Both Kerri and Patrick came down and cleaned out the garage and did many other things to make this all work out smoothly.  

And our cousin, Maggie, put together a wonderful book of memories for her and also did all of the decorating, which is definitely not something I enjoy nor do well.  My friend, Carol, came down earlier in the month and took pictures of her.  She put them together in a beautiful book for Teresa.  

It was truly a wonderful four days!!  All of my generation came together and made sure that everything was set financially and I can only marvel at their generosity.  I know how proud the six original Scotts would be.  Actually, I am sure they ARE proud.  What wonderful role models for the sense of family we had and still have!!!

Wednesday was spent getting everything set up in the backyard.  We were able to get enough seating for everyone under a great tarp.  One of the maintenance men from our district took vacation and he and his son came and did all of the work setting things up.  I ordered the "primo" port-a-potties and the only glitch we had was that they wouldn't fit in the yard.  So we had them on the sidewalk by the garage.  I had to call the mayor and ask for his help--one of the many great things about living in a small town.  It was okayed immediately!   

I found a man who sells ice for a dollar a bag and the best part--he delivers!  We had quite a system in place for the two a day run they made.  He would bring the ice to the backyard and put the bags on the "garbage stand."  The ice would then be transferred to the ice chests by whatever family was in charge of that job that day.  We divided jobs up by families and that was amazing.  Everyone pitched in and made things so much easier.

The first night was green and red chili and beans. All of the serving was done in the garage, which worked out great.  The next evening we had Yaya's incredible enchiladas and red and green corn tamales.  The tamales were delivered warm about 4:00.  Once again, the great part of living in a small town.  

One of the best things that happened was watching all of the kids playing in the side yard.  They were playing tag, etc., and having a wonderful time.  And it was kids of all ages.  The bigger kids were helping the little kids.  What was amazing is that many of them didn't even really know each other, but there was a connection.

There is so much to see and do in southeastern Arizona, so day trips were taken by many families.  I love that our heritage can be shared with all of the grandchildren and great grandchildren.  

Saturday we had a family picture taken at the DHS football stadium.  It is an amazing picture.  It was followed by the actual 90th birthday party at the Elks' Club.  Teresa was in her glory and the Elks' Club was filled to the "brim" with family and old friends here in Douglas.  We had a banner made that was on the front of the house and then transferred to the Elks.   I had no idea how many people were going to be at the party as Teresa kept inviting people and then couldn't remember who she invited.  But everything went very well!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday all of the family attended 11:00 mass at St. Luke's Church.  At the end of Father Gilbert's sermon, he did a wonderful tribute to Teresa.   It was amazing!!  I don't ever remember attending a mass where this was done.  However, I don't believe there is anyone who deserved that more than Teresa.  She has been a loyal and supportive member of St. Luke's since its inception in the early 1950's.  She and my mom donated the cross and many other items to this church.

Sunday evening those of the family who were left, went back to the Elks for a steak dinner    put on by our dear family friends (who are more family than anything), the Reidys.   Once again, everyone had a wonderful time.  As a matter of fact, the Elks would like us to do this every summer as they made quite a bit of money at the bar!!!  I love the idea, but I still haven't recuperated from this one.  So I am not sure I can organize another one for next summer!!

Needless to say, Teresa was in her glory and is still says she can't believe how blessed she is for the wonderful family that we have.  I would agree with her, but we are blessed to have her in our lives!!

Thanks to everyone who made this event possible.   I know we will all cherish the memories of those wonderful four days!!

WE ARE FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!

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NP said...

Everything sounded just perfect Sheila. Thanks for taking the time to write all about it. You must be exhausted ~ but in a good way! You DO have a very special family. I knew the party week would be a big hit.
Love & hugs,