Sunday, February 3, 2013

'S'now Joke!

During the last 2 1/2 years that I have been back in Douglas, there have been two weather "crisis."   In all of the years I was in Gilbert, the worst thing we ever had were heat advisory days.    

I had forgotten how cold it gets down here in the winter.  My office is 3 1/2 blocks from the house and I wear a heavy coat and gloves most mornings.  In addition, there are many days that it takes me ten or so minutes to get the ice off of the car windshield so that I can see to drive!

Two years ago this month, we had the coldest temperatures on record down here.  It was 0 degrees and was below freezing for two days.   That was my first really big decision as superintendent when we cancelled school for those two days.  

A couple of times this school year, snow has been in the forecast, but didn't happen.  On Monday, the weather forecast was for some possible light snow showers, but it didn't appear to be really going to happen.

I woke up about 4:00 a.m. and looked outside and there was snow!  At about 4:30, I got a call from our Transportation Director.  All of the highways coming into Douglas were closed.  That meant that he couldn't send any buses outside of Douglas and we have a lot of kids who live in outlying areas.  In addition, we have 30 or so teachers who don't live in Douglas, so they wouldn't be able to get to school.   There was no way we could find 30 subs!  So I made the decision to call a snow day!!

We called all of our principals who started calling their staffs.  I called all three of the Tucson television stations to ask them to announce it, as well as our local radio station.  We had it posted on our website and sent out messages to parents.  We have enough academic minutes required by the state, so we don't have to make up the day.  

My puggies didn't know what to do when I let them out.  They have never seen snow before.  It was really funny watching them trying to figure out what to do.  Of course, Lucy, didn't like it at all.  She would rather stay in where it is comfortable no matter whether it is winter or summer!

I had to drive up to Tucson yesterday.  Although it is winter,  the desert between here and Tucson is absolutely gorgeous.  It was a clear day and you could see snow on the tops of the several of the mountain ranges around us.  I wish I could capture that beauty with photography.  Maybe someday I will learn how to do that.  For some  people, it is natural.  I don't have much artistic ability so I am thinking I will need to take some classes.  Maybe that will be a goal when I finally retire down the road!

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Nancy Proffitt said...

How fun for the kids to have a snow day!!! I can just imagine your dogs in it :) Thank you for your kind comment on Tami's blog! I get to have the star student over today!
Love and hugs,