Monday, April 1, 2013

A Tradition of Love and Family Friendship

I have done a number of posts about the importance of family and traditions that are so meaningful.  In January I did an entry on the passing of our wonderful family "friend" who was a wonderful friend who was truly part of our family --Dennis Reidy.  The Reidy and Scott families go way back to the early days when our families were first in Douglas.  They all lived on the 800 block of 14th street in the early days where Teresa and I still live.

Our families were in each others weddings and were godparents to each others children through the years.   I   don't ever remember the Reidy's not being a part of our family.

My mom was the Godmother to Adena Reidy, Jerry's daughter.  Jerry's good friend, Art Atonna, served as the Godfather.   I know that there were others who were Godparents over the years.  When Kerri was born, I asked Jerry to be Kerri's Godfather along with Judy as her Godmother. 


Recently, Adena and her husband, Rich,  asked Kerri and Eric Atonna (Art's son) to be the Godparents of Maddux, their son.  

So this past weekend, Teresa and I went to Tucson for the baptism.  It was so good to get together with Jerry, Marilyn, Janet, and all of the family for such a happy occasion.   We all stayed at the same hotel and had dinner Friday night together and talked, laughed, and reminisced.    

Saturday afternoon was the Baptism at St. Odelia's Church.  After that, we went to the house to celebrate.  There were a lot of little kids there and it always warms my heart to see how Cameron interacts with little kids.  He loves them and is so good around them.   The kids had a wonderful time, as did the adults.

Needless to say, this was an important event for all of us.  I was proud of Kerri.   I know it meant a lot to everyone to see this  tradition continuing.  

Susan Lieberman says that "family traditions counter alienation and confusion.  They help us define who we are.  They provide something steady, reliable, and safe in a confusing world."  And yes, the world is confusing in so many ways.  Even though all of our elders except Teresa are gone, it is so meaningful that our children see the importance of these family connections!  When our generation is gone, I know that our families will still be important and continued.  I am grateful for that in many ways, but most importantly for Cameron!   The Scott Family will live on as strong and as caring as it is today, I have no doubt!

Dena holding Kerri in Douglas.


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NP said...

There IS nothing quite like family. Glad you could all be together again. Love & hugs,