Sunday, September 29, 2013

It's Been a Long Time

Since I started my blog in 2008, I don't believe I have ever had a month when I didn't have at least one post--usually many more.  However, it has been almost four months since I have written anything.  Facebook keeps us posted on daily happenings and it seems that it has been my way of communicating lately--although I don't do a lot on it.

I have missed posting on this blog.  I think I may have a case of "writer's block" as much has happened, I just haven't written about it.

The summer went quickly.   Things at work are always busy and it doesn't seem that there is much down time.  Even when I get away for a few days, I still have to deal with issues that occur.  And you never know from one moment to the next what could happen.   As a teacher and then as a principal, I thought I knew about how a district works.  But it is certainly different at this level.   So much is expected and politics can sometimes be very difficult.   However, despite all of that, things are going well.   The budget is still tough because the legislature still doesn't understand the importance of education in Arizona.   Our scores are slowly starting to show gains.   We have a plan in place that I believe will really make a difference.   I have a leadership team that is top notch and we work together so well.  Our principals and teachers doing an amazing job under some very difficult circumstances.  There is definitely not a level playing field in Arizona.

There has been time for some fun, though.  I was able to get away with my "principal" friends for a few days in San Diego and then on to Las Vegas with two of my very dear friends to see Bill Maher.  

I then attended three days of training for the incredible Family Leadership Institute with several of our parents.  This program is amazing and I feel so blessed that we are participating in it here in Douglas.   Please look at the video that is posted right above this.   The FLI part is about 9 minutes into it.  These wonderful parents did this video for a Governing Board Meeting. 

Labor Day weekend we all attended the wedding of my cousin Ted's son, Kevin, and his beautiful bride, Roxanne.   It was a great weekend.  The wedding was awesome and getting to visit with all of the cousins is always so good.

Teresa stayed in California and was able to visit with all of the Northern California cousins for a few weeks.  Lena, one of our cousins, came back with her and stayed here for two weeks.  She left on Friday.  It was so nice to come home to dinner and a drink all ready when I got here!!!  

Last Sunday we drove up to the cabin for a few hours as Lena hadn't been there in years.  It is absolutely gorgeous up there.  There has been so much rain and the countryside is so green.  As always, this is where I love to spend time.  I will be going up next weekend with friends and I look forward to a few days with a cell phone!!!

I am hoping writing this little bit will help me get my enthusiasm for writing back!!!