Saturday, September 19, 2015

Good Friends, Good Times!

For the past many years, four of my friends and I have gotten together for a "girls" few days and have gone out of town for a few days for some fun times or just meet for happy hour or go to a movie.    This week we we went to Flagstaff for three days of fun!!!

We were all administrators together for many years in Gilbert.   Jill was a junior high principal, Sharon and Susie were elementary principals, and Bev was curriculum at the District.    Jill was hired the same year I became an administrator-1988.  

We were trying to remember how many years we have been getting together and all of the places we have gone.  We figure it is about 14 years.   We have been to San Diego, Rio Rico, Casa Grande, downtown Phoenix and downtown Tempe.    We met in Bisbee several times while I was in Douglas.  The times in Bisbee were so great for me!   We always have an incredible time when we get together. 

When we get together, we talk, eat, and are "merry" most of the time!    So many laughs are shared and stories about our lives and families are listened to and advice given!!!   I found this quote and it is so appropriate for our times together:

"Most of us don’t need a psychiatric therapist as much as a friend to be silly with."~Robert Brault

I cannot express how much getting together with these friends means to me, especially the last few years.    They have been such great friends.   I am so thankful for our time together!


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