Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Eve at Yaya's

 From our Scott Family Facebook page:
Teresa was so cute tonight and so excited to be with us. My dear friend, Louise, who is Jewish, offered to bring her over to Yaya's because we didn't know how long she would be able to stay. It went great. She ate well, drank a beer, got her picture taken a lot, held babies and got lots of hugs and loves. She got tired around 7:15 so Louise took her back. It was perfect. Kathy, her caregiver had her looking so nice and all dressed up. We are going to try to bring her here to my house tomorrow for dinner and see how that goes. Although it was so different than past years, it was still so special. 
I am so thankful to my cousins here in Arizona as well as all of the rest of you far away who still check in about her. We have a very special family. I know we know it, but I want to say thank you for your love for Teresa, especially these past several months. During the time I was with her in Douglas and she could still communicate ok, I know how important that was to her. And I know how honored she was through the years at family weddings and events to be considered the matriarch and get such special treatment from all of you. I know that I am thankful for the unconditional love she always gave each and everyone of us--always finding the best and positive about situations. But I am equally as thankful for all of the family who have visited, called and supported her on this difficult journey. We would not have been able to have the incredible 90th birthday/reunion without all of the original cousins support in pulling it off. 
So on this Christmas Eve and weekend, thank you to our wonderful cousins and the family friends for so many years who have supported Teresa and us in this difficult journey that is part of life. Despite how our family has grown and become so diverse, I believe that we all still know the importance of family connections and our family history. Because of our over 100 year history in Arizona and in Douglas, several members of this group are old, close family friends. I also am thankful for their many years of friendship. Many families don't have the incredible connections that we have. My wish for the future is we continue to do the best we can to continue this wonderful relationship and remember where we all came from.

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