Saturday, June 24, 2017

I Loved Lucy

It has been too long since I have posted anything on my blog.   So much has gone on over the past few months.   Never dreamed I could be this busy in retirement.

In March, my little Lucy wasn't feeling very well.  I took her into the vet and she had a heart murmur.  The doctor felt that it could be treated.   However,  trying to give her the medicine was quite an experience as my little Lucy had quite a stubborn streak.

I went to Oakland to stay at Patrick's house and take care of my "grandpug" Paco for a few days.  When I got home to Gilbert, Lucy wasn't doing so well.   The morning after I got home, she had a seizure.  I took her into the vet and she continued to have seizures every time she got up.   The vet kept her for the day to see what was going on.

Around 3:00 I got the bad news that Lucy wouldn't get better.  I absolutely did not want her to suffer in any way.   She had been my constant companion for the last nine years.   She was just a puppy when our Mary was dying and we went to Douglas.   She would always by my side and so loyal.   So I made the very difficult decision to let her go in peace.  Kerri and I went to say our goodbye to her.   

I have had many animals and lost them through the years.  It is never easy.   Lucy was with me during some difficult times and some amazing times.   But most importantly, she gave me her unconditional love.    She was my dance partner when I got my steps in and always slept right by my side.   She loved to "run for a better" life when she would get out of the house and I would have to chase her.  She loved being in Douglas and looking out the front window and barking and then running up and down the fence.    

I will always remember when I would come home in Douglas and Diego would be waiting for me on the porch.  I would always honk and he would look up and come running to the gate howling.   As soon as I drove up, the front door would open and Teresa would let Lucy and Seamus out, too.   

I will always miss her and she will always hold a very special place in my heart1!  I loved Lucy!

The picture above was one of Lucy being dressed up.   She was always so cute when she got dressed in a costume.

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