Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Day of Celebration!

Cameron made his First Communion and his Confirmation today at St. Anne's Catholic Church in Gilbert. He had asked Tia (what he calls Teresa) to be his sponsor for his Confirmation. I know that she was touched by that.

You see that he has a name tag with Patrick on it. Patrick is his middle name and that is the saint that he learned about for his Confirmation.

With everything going on right now in our family, it is nice to have a day to celebrate! Teresa was going to stay in Douglas to be with Mary, but her nieces insisted that she come up here and told her that is what Mary would want. I feel that is what she would have wanted because she knows how important family is to Teresa. Plus this is such an important event for Teresa and she should be a part of it. The mass started at 10:00, but he and Teresa had to be there very early. They walked up the aisle together and it was so touching to see her with him. After mass, a good friend, Nancy, who was the sponsor for her nephew, commented that Cameron probably had his great grandmother, Margaret, sitting on his shoulder the whole time. Our cousin, Bridget, also wrote this in the card she and her family gave to Cameron. She said his "Great" would be proud and she is sure she is smiling down from heaven on all of us. I believe this, too!

We invited all of the cousins over, but didn't know who would be here because of everything. Most of them came over and we had a great afternoon. The kids swam and played pool downstairs. We fixed hamburgers and hot dogs and I made Mary's beans. I know how important it is to have things as normal as possible for our children.

Cameron asked me earlier if I was going to write about this. I told him yes and asked him what song he would like for me to put with it. He said that he really likes "What a Wonderful World." So I will keep that song playing, because it really is a Wonderful World with all of our family and friends!!!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Cameron and to all of you for these two important Sacraments. He looks like a little angel with Aunt Teresa by his side and "Great" on his other shoulder. I am so happy that so many of you could be together. Love & hugs, Nancy

Cheela said...

Thank you, Nancy!!!!!!!!