Sunday, July 27, 2008

Family Ties

I have had a bit of writer's block lately (that and the fact that things have been a bit dull). But something awesome happened today!!

When I started writing this blog, it was just with the intention of chronicling the trip to Ireland during spring break. However, I had forgotten how much I enjoy writing and so it continued. Several weeks ago, I received an email that someone had posted a comment on one of my early blogs. It was before we went to Ireland and I had found a letter that Teresa had written 30 years ago. The person who commented lives in Ireland and her family name is the same as my great grandmother's--Kneafsey. This is not a common name. I was able to find her name and phone number on the internet and I called yesterday and left a message. Well, Michele just called me and we had a wonderful visit. She is a doctor and lives in County Donegal. Today is her birthday!!

I am thinking that her great grandfather and my great grandmother were brother and sister. We talked for some time. Her great grandfather was William Kneafsey. He was a school teacher in Ballycastle, County Mayo. My great grandmother was Ellen Kneafsey Roughan. Michele told me that her great grandfather's father was John Kneafsey. Ellen had a son named John who died in 1904 in Bisbee, Arizona.

Anyway, I am really excited that we were able to talk. I will send her email address to my cousins.

I just got off the phone with Teresa. She was very excited that I heard from Michele. She just got back from our cabin in the Chiricahua Mountains and she said it was absolutely gorgeous. She said there was more water in the creek than she has ever seen.

So once again, thank you to my friend, Carol, for prodding me into doing this blog! I am really excited to have made contact with Michele in Ireland!!

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velvet brick said...

Is this amazing or what?? I am so glad that you began this blog, Sheila. You were a wonderful student! ; ) I love how you have evolved it and shared so much of your wonderful, beautiful family with us, your readers. And know that you've found a relative half way around the world because of it is nothing short of just amazing! You write so well and I always seem to learn something new from your posts! Thank you for showing us about life Through Irish Eyes...

Darina said...

Hello there - I am a Kneafsey too - Michelle is my 2nd cousin. I am based in Dublin and also have a place in Mayo so get in touch if it suits you!! Darina Kneafsey -