Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Today, July 30, is our Aunt Teresa's birthday!! She is 86 years old. Last year, we had a wonderful celebration for her 85th Birthday here in Gilbert. Over 100 relatives and friends joined us for the weekend to honor this wonderful lady.

Teresa is in Douglas right now. Kerri, Cameron, and Kerri's friend went down on Monday. They fixed dinner for her last night, as they had to return to Gilbert today.

As I have said in previous entries, our family is blessed to have her in our lives!! I am so thankful for everything that she has done for me and for my children. She is truly one of the kindest, gentlest, people that you would ever want to meet. We are blessed to have her in our lives!!

She is so thrilled that we have made contact with some of our relatives in Ireland.

So, Teresa, happy 86th and here's to many more!!!

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Cameron said...

Happy Birthday, Tia! I love you!!! You're the best!

Kerri said...

I agree with Cameron! Happy Birthday, you're the best. We had a great time down in Douglas this week, thanks again!! Love you!

barb said...

Happy Birthday Aunt Teresa! As we start another school year, I promise to take care of Sheila and try to keep her in line! Love, Barb

velvet brick said...

Gosh... 86 years YOUNG!! Happiest of Birthdays Aunt Teresa!! I always consider myself lucky and blessed when I spend time with you. You are such a beautiful spirit! I have a birthday hug for you when I see you next - and here's wishing you many, many more!
Love you, Aunt Teresa!

Marion said...
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Marion said...

Sheila, you are so right about our dearest Aunt Teresa. She is the "Best of the Best!" She truly has written the book on "How to Age Gracefully." Teresa is such a great role model for all of us, and we are very blessed to have her as our matriarch. Teresa, I want to thank you for your unconditional love and your deep spirtuality. You are a guiding light for our families and a true inspiration.
By the way, the birthday cake I made for you was deeeeelicion!----even if I have to say so myself! Just wish you were here in Turlock to enjoy it! May God bless you with many more wonderful years.
I am going to sign this the way Teresa often signed her greeting cards.
"God love you because I sure do." Marion

Anonymous said...

I don't seem to take the time to leave my comments, but I know my mom had a "peaceful" and "happy" birthday at her "858" in Douglas. She enjoyed all the cards and phone calls.

I want to thank Sheila for her blog. The blog is a gift to all of us. Sheila has such a talent for writing, she should go professional. I believe Sheila represents the "best" of Margaret and my mom! I know her staff find her "funny" and very "compasionate". They are blessed to have her stay so long in public education.

I spend many hours driving my teens around and holding my neurotic german shephard during the summer rains!

I have been thinking about Johnny, Margaret, and Mary. I know they found ways to look after mom when we can't be in Douglas. God Bless Mom, Sheila and family.

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday, our dear Teresa. You must know how much Tom and I love you and that loving smile you give us each time we see you will forever be in our memory! You are indeed an inspiration to all of us and you are so loved!
Love and Hugs,
Tom and Sandra