Sunday, January 11, 2009

Devil in Disguise????????

So here I am again writing about our pugs......... Is this what I thought I would be doing at this advanced age--kind of like the old lady down the street with all of her cats--only I have pugs!?? But they serve as such a distraction from the every day fluctuations of life!!

Friday night and all day yesterday, I attended a district in-service that was mandatory for all of our administrators. We were asked to bring a team of 10 or so teachers. I truly hated to ask anyone to come to this because of it being a Friday night and a Saturday. However, I had a wonderful response and had a full contingent of teachers
attend. I was also not very happy because this was my birthday weekend. Not that I care much about birthdays anymore, but this was a special one. I had planned on having a party to celebrate, but at this advanced age, knew I couldn't go to the workshops and have a party all on the same weekend!! So that party will have to come later!!

The workshop was quite good and everyone sang happy birthday to me, which was a nice touch. The presenter said that having birthdays is a good thing, because it means you are still alive--never looked at it like that before.

So back to the pugs...........

Lucy, my darling little black girl pug, is a bit timid. However, she sometimes is the instigator of the trouble that the other dogs get into. She never gets caug
ht and always appears innocent, even when she isn't, hence her nickname, Luci"fer."

All three of our pugs like to wear dog clothes. It is so funny that they actually like to put on outfits, especially Pedro, our prissy pug. They don't have much of a wardrobe other than a couple of sweaters for the cold, Arizona winters!! However, Lucy is now sporting an outfit that certainly fits her nickname. Patrick bought it for her and she actually really likes to wear it.
So nothing profound to say in this post--just a little humor and thanks that animals can bring such joy and laughter to our lives!!

5 remarks:

velvet brick said...

All I can do is laugh at this picture!!! That expression on her face is priceless!! Glad you made it through the weekend and yes, let's party to celebrate you being around!! hehe....
: )

Susie of Arabia said...

Happy Birthday, Cheela! The photos are so cute!

Martha said...

The pictures of Luci'fer' are great! The one of her in her devil outfit made me laugh. Like Carol said, her expression is so funny. I would love to be included in your birthday celebration. I'm sure glad you're around and have been part of my life.

Kerri said...

I think that Lucy looks like the demon dogs from "Ghostbusters" that chase Rick Moranis & are with Sigourney Weaver in the building!!!HAHAHA!

Meags said...

Finally I time where the red eye effect is perfect!! I enjoyed the conference. So sorry it was your birthday but I really think it left a lot for us to ponder.

Happy late Birthday!!