Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy Birthday, Judy!

Today is Judy's birthday!! Her story is a wonderful story. Last night Teresa and I were talking about when she was born and when she came home to 858 in Douglas. I remember being so excited. I was in kindergarten and I can remember wanting to rush home from the morning session to see her. I remember sitting in the little red rocker so that I could hold her.

Teresa adopted Judy as a single parent in 1955, which was almost unheard of at that time. Judy's birth family went to St. Luke's Church, the parish we belonged to. Her birth father was in the Army stationed at Fort Huachuca, but they lived in Douglas. Father McGovern, who was the pastor at St. Luke's, was instrumental in Teresa getting Judy. Her birth mother was very sick and died a few weeks after Judy was born 6 weeks premature. Her birth father decided that he wanted Teresa to have Judy.

My mother and I were home the day that Teresa found out she was going to get Judy. Teresa and my grandmother were in Phoenix at a retreat. My mother went to Bisbee and spoke with the judge. He said that there would be no problem with the adoption since it was a "direct relinquishment" from the birth father.

Since Judy was born prematurely, she didn't come home until March 8. Teresa told me last night that when she got her in the car she thought "what I have done--can I do this?" She then said she went to St. Luke's and took Judy into the church. She prayed for a few minutes and everything was fine. Teresa has such a great faith.

My mom and Father McGovern were Judy's godparents. Father had to get special permission from the bishop to be able to be the godfather. When Father was dying several years ago, Judy and I went to visit him. I know that he had a special place in his heart for Judy. She was so wonderful with him that afternoon. It truly touched me.

Judy has always been my "sister." I am blessed to have her in my life. She has always been such a support. I am not sure what I would do without her!!!

So, Judy, I am glad you were born. I am glad that Teresa is your mother. We had a wonderful childhood with my mom, Teresa, and our incredible Uncle Johnny! They taught us the importance of family. A family can have so many different configurations. Ours was a bit different for the 50's, but it couldn't have been any more loving. Thanks for all you have done for all of us over the years. I know that Kerri, Patrick, and Cameron love you dearly, as do I!!


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velvet brick said... ADORABLE are these pictures???? Happy birthday, dear Judy! You truly mean so much to everyone in your family, and to 'honorary members', such as myself! I appreciate your kind words, hugs and beautiful spirit. I hope everyone has a happy birthday celebration in your honor! Sheila, I LOVED your sentence "A family can have so many different configurations." Norma's been trying to beat that into my head for the last three years and your words so eloquently say it as truth. Please give my love to Judy, Aunt Teresa and everyone! : ))

Anonymous said...


Thank you for the wonderful birthday tribute. Where would I be without the SCOTT FAMILY? It is hard to imagine where my life would have turned if mom had not had the COURAGE and FAITH to adopt me. Having adopted two beautiful children, I feel blessed by her example of "motherhood." I am so blessed to have you as a sister. You are such a shining example of love, fortitude, and goodness.

I loved Father McGovern and was touched to be with him at the end of his life. I can understand why Phil asked you to speak at his funeral. Your eulogy was so perfect and wonderful.

I thank you for sharing Kerri and Patrick with me. I feel like they are mine too! Cameron has been a blessing to all of us. He is so bright and I often ask him for information these days! He is like a walking encyclopedia!

I feel blessed to have cared for your mom at the end-of-her life. Our family will never be the same without her daily humor! She was such a hoot! She loved you so much and was so proud of you!

Finally, I know Mary is in Heaven telling Margaret to "stop smoking" and she is saying, "Oh Hell, let's just celebrate Judy's birthday!" So thanks Sheila, my birthday is perfect now, because of YOU! God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Oh Sheila that is another beautiful post. The pictures are adorable ~ Happy birthday Judy!
Love & hugs,

Kerri said...

Happy birthday, Judy! I grew up looking up to you, I always thought you were so beautiful and such a great person - I wanted to grow up to be just like you. (For a while, I even thought that there was some mistake & that you were my mom, but my mom was raising me -- ha, ha the thoughts of the youth).

As I have grown up, I have come to appreciate what a wonderful and beautiful person you are - both inside and out - and I am so thankful that you are a part of my family. You are so caring and giving, you reach out to all and are really such a wonderful model of what selflessness embodies.

You were meant to be a Scott and be part of our family, you just had to go the round-about way to join us. Teresa could not have asked or prayed for a better daughter than you; my mom couldn't have asked or prayed for a better sister; grandma couldn't have asked or prayed for a better niece; Patrick & I a better aunt.

The world is such a better place because you're in it.


Patrick said...

Happy Birthday Day Judy!!! We are truly blessed to have you as a part of the family.

Susie of Arabia said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Judy! I never knew the story about how she came to be a member of the Scott family. Thanks so much for sharing. The photo of the two of you is precious!
BTW - love your new blog look!