Saturday, February 21, 2009

"His Name is Earl" or "Tales of a Fourth Grade Bunny"

As if we need anymore animals at our house...... Recently, Kerri found a little bunny on the playground at her school. She was able to catch it and it has now become her classroom pet. Because she caught him early in the morning, he is named Earl. The principal made an announcement that if anyone had lost a bunny to please go to her room to see the bunny. Kerri said that she thinks every student at her school came to her class that day to check out the bunny. No one claimed him for a few days. Then one afternoon a junior high student came by and said that he belonged to her. Kerri told her to get her parents to come and get him. Well, no one ever came to pick him up, so he is now officially hers.

One of the parents in her classroom brought in a cage for the bunny in the classroom. For the past several weekend, she and Cameron have gone back to school on Saturday and Sunday to feed the bunny.
Last weekend, she bought a portable cage so that the students could help by taking Earl home for the weekends and vacation. So Earl spent last weekend with us.

Of course, our pugs and Harvey, the chow who thinks he is a pug, were thrilled to see Earl. They sniffed his cage and wagged their tales and welcomed Earl to the house. Lucy, my little devil pug, is absolutely enthralled by Earl. She pranced all around his cage and whined and cried. Kerri put her in the cage with Earl and she was so thrilled to see him. She licked and licked him all over. Surprisingly, Earl actually seemed to like her too. Lucy then tried to figure out exactly what kind of food that Earl was eating, because she hasn't met a food she doesn't like--even rabbit food. It was hilarious to watch. After taking her out of the cage, she still continued to go over and spend time trying to figure out how to get into the cage.

Earl returned to school for the week to learn everything that he needs to know as a fourth grade bunny. He returned to our house for the weekend as Kerri doesn't have the permission slips ready for the kids to start sharing the joy of bunnyhood! Lucy was so excited and it actually looks like Earl may also be excited to be here. He sits in his cage right in the middle of our living room by the fireplace, taking in all of the activity going on around him. Lucy continues to try to get into the cage and when she is allowed in, she showers Earl with "pugs and kisses!!" Maybe Earl is replacing some maternal instinct buried way deep in Lucy?????

Hopefully, next weekend Earl will have a new vacation spot to visit and our lives will return to the regular chaos that we call normalcy around here!

4 remarks:

Anonymous said...

What a precious story and darling pics!
Love & hugs,

velvet brick said...

I can only laugh at this!!!!!!!! So wish I could have seen that in person! That's what I love about your home, Sheila... everyBODY is accepted for whom ever they are!
Great, great story...
: )

Kerri said...

I am reluctant to send home permission slips because I think Lucy looks so forward to hanging out with Earl (pug translation: eating Earl's food). I have also discovered that bunnies enjoy baths about as much as the pugs do!

Earl definitely enjoys the pugs and sitting around with them. I think Tia really enjoyed having the bunny around while she was here this weekend - she kept talking about him to Judy and Kayla. It was pretty cute. Who'd have thunk a bunny would be a part of our menagerie??????

Susie of Arabia said...

What a cute bunny - reminds me of our bunnies we had when I was a kid. We had one those huge hutches with underground barrels and tunnels where they could go to cool off. There's nothing softer than a cuddly bunny for kids.