Thursday, February 12, 2009


Great news about our Yaya tonight---she came through her surgery extremely well!! Yaya had a mastectomy earlier today at Banner Good Samaritan Hospital. There was no sign of any problems in the lymph nodes. When Cecilia told her, she cheered with her fist and thanked God.

Yaya had breast cancer and had a mastectomy in 2002. I remember being at the hospital that day when she asked the doctor if she could have a double mastectomy. She went through chemo and has done very well since. She has been going to the doctor regularly. When something showed up recently, she immediately decided to have another mastectomy. It looks positive that she probably won't have to go through chemo again. I know that was a major concern for her as she dreaded going through this a second time.

Her doctor is a young woman who specializes in breast cancer. She believes in treating everything aggressively. When she came out to talk to us, she was very positive about everything. She even said that Yaya could go back to work next week if she felt good enough to do so!!! Yaya said tonight that she will take all of next week off--we were glad to hear that.

I went to the hospital a little after noon today. Her surgery was scheduled for 1:00. I didn't get there in time to see her before she went in. Teresa, Cecilia, Pat, and Monica were all there when I got to the hospital. Maggie came a few minutes later. I can say that there were many prayers said for Yaya this afternoon.

When we got to her room around 4:30, she was awake and looked absolutely wonderful. It was so comforting to me to see her look so great!

Breast cancer comes in many forms. It causes devastation and reeks havoc on so many families. Both Yaya and her sister, Marion, as well as our Aunt Teresa have been affected by this disease. Fortunately for all of us, they have been able to beat this dreadful disease.

So tonight our family is so thankful that our prayers have been answered and that Yaya is doing so well.

Last Saturday night, we went to dinner to celebrate our cousin Pat's birthday. Yaya kept saying how wonderful our family is and how supportive we are of each other. I told her that I would write that it in a post on this blog. Our family support is amazing and is so hard to describe in words. I am so thankful to have my cousins close by and so supportive!! And I thank God that Yaya is doing so well tonight and that the prognosis is positive!!! We are truly blessed!!

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Anonymous said...

WooHoo ~ what wonderful news! God IS good. My prayers are coming your way.
Love & hugs,

Meags said...

Yeah for Ya Ya! Love to you and your family

velvet brick said...

Such wonderful news... I thought of her often and was keeping her close in my prayers... I, too, am thankful that she's doing so well! : ))

Anonymous said...

I had such a peaceful feeling the morning of Ya Ya's surgery. During my morning walk with my "best friend" - "REX" I saw a brigt star and thought of Ya Ya and all the wonderful love and light she brings to all she meets. My prayers were for her release from any forms of cancer and for speedy recovery. She has much to give and we are the lucky ones to be members of her circle of life.
When my mom had breast cancer and was being treated by an oncologist/radiologist at Desert Samaritan she often told the doctor she would be fine because her family was praying for her. I knew the doctor as he had previously treated Ken during his radiation for cancer. The doctor asked if our family could "adopt" a few of his patients that needed support and prayer. I said, "sure, just give their first names to mom and we will pray." I told him, "mom has a direct line to the Blessed Mother."

So for Marion, mom, and Ya Ya, we can say: "You go girls!"

Martha said...

Hey, Sheila. Obviously, I know the stress and fear and anxiety that comes along with this diagnosis. It seems so unfair that Yaya went through it once and now is having to deal with it again. She sounds like a fighter and I'm so glad for all of you that the news was good.

You are so right about how much of a difference having your family's love and support can make. I've experienced that with my family and that includes my Gilbert El. family. You're also right that it is hard to find words to describe. Your love for your family and theirs for you comes shining through in your posts. I truly believe that it makes a difference.

I miss you and everyone at school. Maybe you and Carol and I could do a happy hour one day?