Thursday, December 31, 2009

Promising Ending to 2009

I have often written about my wonderful Aunt Teresa and what a blessing she is to our entire family and to me personally. She is the only one of of my mom's brothers and sister still with us and she is a joy to all of her many nieces and nephews.

Teresa is amazing in so many ways. She loves to visit family as much as possible. She always sees the good in people and has probably the deepest faith of anyone that I know. She spends a lot of time with us up here in the valley, but Douglas is still her home. She loves the house at 858 where she was born 87 years ago. I also love this home where I was raised!

This year has brought a couple of health scares for her. The latest is a reoccurrence of the breast cancer that she had 11 years ago. At that time, she had a lumpectomy and went through radiation. We were told that if one is to have cancer, that this is a very treatable kind.

Recently, she had a mammogram and it showed a spot. She had a needle biopsy that was malignant. We felt very positive about it after talking to her doctor up here. The doctor recommended that we take her to an oncologist.

The appointment with Dr. Calvacant was today at 3:00. I have heard many wonderful things about this doctor and after meeting him today, I can understand why so many people like and respect him.

He told us that about 7% of the people who have the cancer that she did, get it again. He also told us that the body can only take so much radiation. He recommended that we take her to a surgeon and that she have a mastectomy. He was very positive about this being a good treatment. My cousin, Yaya, has a surgeon in Phoenix that she trusts very much. Dr. Calvacant knows her and also spoke very highly of her. I tried to get an appointment, but the office is closed for the holiday weekend.

Teresa's greatest joy is our family and my cousins are so wonderful with her. I know how much they love her and how much she loves them. A few years ago, Kerri put Teresa on our cell phone plan and we bought her a cell phone. Recently, Kerri was looking at the statement and guess who had the most minutes of all of us??? It was Teresa!!! We have laughed about that and it would probably make a great T-Mobile commercial. All laughter aside, what those minutes say about her communicating with our family and her friends is a tribute to who she is---I firmly believe!

I know that many, many people have been saying prayers for this wonderful lady. I know she says prayers for all of us all of the time!!

In a few hours we will be welcoming 2010. How fortunate for the extended Scott Family originally from Douglas, Arizona that we have our wonderful, amazing Aunt Teresa in our lives!!!!

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Anonymous said...

We are praying for you Teresa...We love you too. Love, Shawna

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful pictures of our Aunt Teresa...we love you very much! Ted

velvet brick said...

Aunt prayers are with you always. I know that this has been a difficult time to have to go through, but you do it with such grace and strength!! You really are a testiment to faith in God! I know that the doctors will take excellent care of you and you will be fine! We'll take you out to Nando's again for some more laughs, okay?? : ))

Anonymous said...

We will be praying for Teresa to have an uneventful surgery, a quick recovery and that any further treatments will be kind and gentle to her. Since her life has been filled with kindness and gentleness to everyone around her..they certainly should be! I know it doesn't always work that way, but for her IT BETTER!!! You know how special she is to us...Give her our love! Art &.. who am I? oh yea Mrs. Ketron! :)

Dottie said...

We've all been so worried these past few weeks and I know heaven has been bombarded with prayers for our dear Aunt Teresa!! Yahoo!! This is good news!! Very best prayers and wishes for your speedy recovery, Aunt Teresa!! You don't have to be a Scott to love, appreciate, and admire this truly remarkable lady . . . of course, she makes all of us FEEL like we're a Scott!! I love you, dear Aunt Teresa!! Dottie

Martha said...

Oh, shiela, I am so glad that things seem to be moving in a positive direction. I think about and pray for Teresa every day. I actually thought the mastectomy surgery was easier than radiation. I'm so glad you've found doctors that you like and are comfortable with. I feel very special people are drawn to oncology. Hope you are enjoying your break!

Anonymous said...

Theresa you are always there for everyone and If love heals, you will have a very fast recovery. I am thinking about you . Wishing you all the best for the New year! Happy and Healthy :) Luv louise

NP said...

Happy New Year Sheila and family! Guess what Sheila? Dr. Calvacant was Ellen's Dr. :) I went to every appointment with her and we thought he was wonderful too! It was partly because of you that I got to go to every appointment because we were still teaching then and sometimes we couldn't get after school always let me get someone to cover my class (probably always that wonderful Dianne). Aunt Teresa, I know you are in good hands with Dr. Calvacant AND Yaya's surgeon! My thoughts and prayers are still with you. Sheila, I ALWAYS LOVE the songs you choose for your posts and I know this is surprising BUT most of the time you have me in tears :)
Love & hugs,

Jane said...

Aunt Teresa and your family will be in my prayers! I can tell that she is an amazing person from the things you have shared about her here.
Happy New Year!!

Judy said...

Sheila, Aren't we lucky to have had your mom and Mary in our lives? I think of them daily and will always miss them. I especially miss your mom during all the football games. She was more entertaining than any game!
I feel so blessed to be part of the Scott family. Having mom as my best friend and you as my sister are the ultimate blessings in my life. I am so grateful that you went to Dr. Cavalcant's appointment with us. He recognized you from the times he saw you with Ellen. He was so sweet to mom. I am so grateful to all of our "Scott" family and the love they continue to extend. Mom is happiest when she is with family! No wonder she used the most minutes on the cell phone plan!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sheila,
Special prayers and warmest thoughts for you and your family as Theresa deals with a mastectomy.
Hope it happens soon! Doctors are talented angels for sure.
Love to all,

Anonymous said...

Yes, Teresa is very special and has tremendous faith and acceptance. She has always been there for all of us. We love you Teresa and are always in my prayers. Sheila you do such a great job on your blog.