Friday, October 22, 2010

Las Vegas Wedding

Last weekend (Oct. 16), we attended the wedding of Paul Rush and Beth Hunt in Las Vegas. Paul is the son of my cousin, Pat. The wedding was small, but oh so nice and so much fun--as always when we all get together!!

We arrived in Vegas on Friday and stayed until Monday. Teresa, Kerri, Patrick and I represented our family. Of course, Teresa never misses a family event!! Friday night Pat had the rehearsal dinner at Buca de Beppo. Lots of stories were told and lots of good times were had.
Paul is a wonderful young man who did such an awesome job of helping Pat take care of his dad, Phil. Phil died almost 2 years ago--in January. I have written a lot about Phil and his wonderful sense of humor. Phil didn't want to miss all of the important events so he was there in spirit, as well as in another form!!! Beth is terrific and is such a perfect match for Paul.
As has become a family tradition, we all danced to Tequila Sheila at the reception. I have decided that this rite of passage has to happen in order to bring the couple good luck--besides that, it is always fun!!!

I always enjoy being around my cousins. I have really missed my Phoenix cousins since I have been down here in Douglas. They have always been just a half hour away and we got together often.

Congratulations to Paul and Beth and thanks for
the great weekend in Vegas. Lots of great memories were made!!

PS--Next time you see Marion, ask her about what mnemonic device she used to remember her room at the hotel!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Sheila for the comments on Paul & Beth's wedding. Think there were 12 in wedding party plus 6 nieces and nephews. As the "Scott's" seem to dominate at functions the Hunt family seemed to hold their own. Phil would have approved of everything.


NP said...

I love hearing about all your fun family adventures!
Love & hugs,