Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pug Tales--Volume 4

Recently I had to attend a conference in Rio Rico for three days.   This is usually never a problem as Teresa is here to take care of the pugs or the conferences are in the valley so they go with me and stay with one of the kids.  However, Teresa was still up in the valley and it had completely slipped my mind that I needed to find someplace or someone to take care of Lucy and Diego.

I did a web search and found a place in Hereford (near Sierra Vista) called"Goin' to Grandma's" (a bed and biscuit kennel) and all of the testimonials were great.  So I called and asked if they could stay there.  I had all of their shot records sent to them, but they needed the vaccine for kennel cough.  Our vet down here was out of town but I found a place in Sierra Vista where I could get the vaccine and give it to them myself.  Thank goodness it was not a shot, but a spray in their noses.

So off went Lucy and Diego to the pet resort.  When we got there, I signed them up for Camp BowWow so that they could play with the other dogs each day.  When I left them, they looked so pathetic and I felt bad.  It was a really nice facility so I knew that they would be well taken care of!

Were they ever glad to see me when I went to pick them up.  That morning, they had been to the groomers so they were all clipped, brushed, and washed!!  They even received a report card--they did very well!

Teresa got home a day or so later.  Diego started to have a cough and it was kind of bad.  I told her I would make an appointment with Dr. John (our vet down here and long time family friend).  The next morning when I was getting ready for work, he was coughing quite a bit.  Teresa wanted me to call Dr. John at 6:30 a.m., but I waited until they opened.  Dr. John works with all of the ranchers around here with their horses, etc., so he is on the road quite a bit.  He doesn't have an actual office because of this, and works out of the back of his truck.  He was out that day, but we could go in Saturday.  So as I am getting ready to take him in, Teresa decides she needs to go with me.  Now this is the same person who was not very thrilled about me bringing both of them down here when I moved down here!!!!

Diego is doing fine, but was on some medication.  Every day I was questioned to make sure that I had given him his meds.

Last weekend, we spent the three days up at the cabin.  The pugs love the mountains because they can run free.  I found out the day we were at the vet's office  that there is a vaccine out for rattlesnakes which I will be getting that for them soon.

Can't help but love those pugs!!!!!!!!!!

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NP said...

I LOVE the name of the "bread and biscuit" Lucy and Diego went to. They had to be in shock being away from family probably for the first time. Aunt Teresa cracks me up! Hopefully your conference was good. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
Love & hugs,