Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Vacation (The Road Trip)

This is a work of fiction based 
on facts that truly happened. 
Names have been changed 
to protect the elderly.

Once upon a time, a long time educator decided to put her hat in as a candidate for the superintendency of a small town along the Arizona/Mexico Border, where she grew up.  This educator, also known as Cheela, applied for this position because her elderly Aunt T. Elizabeth was living in this small border town in the house where she was born in 1922.  Tia was the only one of the seven siblings who grew up in this town who was still alive.  She let all of the family know that she had absolutely NO intention of moving from this house where she was born and from this town that she dearly loves.  In consultation with several of the "cousins," Cheela decided to apply and low and behold, she was named the superintendent in July, 2010.

There have been many stories that have occurred over the course of the time between July, 2010 and November, 2011.  Many of those stories have been unbelievable and would have been thoroughly enjoyed by Cousin Felipe, who died prior to Cheela's term as superintendent.  Unfortunately, because of the nature of the job, Cheela hasn't been able to write about them on this blog.  However, Cheela feels that reality television would not even believe them.  The only consolation for Cheela is the fact that a certain retired CIA agent would have!!

And now to get to the "meat" (or turkey) of this story.  Thanksgiving weekend 2011 was fast approaching.  Cheela and Tia planned to spend the holiday in the valley with family.  Unbeknownst to Cheela, Tia invited two of her elderly friends to ride up to the valley with them.  So Wednesday morning, Cheela loaded her SUV with luggage, tamales, Tia, and the two pugs, Diego and Lucy.  The first stop was at Elena's house. Now Elena is 91 and is legally blind and a bit hard of hearing.  All she had with her was her suitcase and oxygen tank.  They then picked up Nani, who brought her "foo foo" dog along.  It took the pugs a bit of time to get use to the idea that there was actually a "foo foo" dog in the car.  They were not pleased.

The trip to the valley was uneventful.  Nani's daughter was going to pick her up at a shopping center where there was a wine store.  While waiting for the daughter, Cheela went in to the store to see if they had her favorite Irish Ale, which they did.  They also had a wine tasting going on and Cheela suggested to Tia, Elena, and Nani that they might like to go in and taste a bit of wine.  They didn't at that point, although Cheela really wanted to!

Thanksgiving went well and Sunday rolled around and the return trip was planned.  Cheela and the pugs picked up Tia at her daughter's house in the eastern part of the valley.  They then drove to another town and picked up Elena and her suitcase and oxygen.  They then went back to the shopping mall and picked up Nani, the "foo foo" dog, her suitcase and several other items.

On the way back, they listened to football games on XM as Nani was very interested in the outcome of games because she had bet on them.  They stopped for gas midway and Tia and Elena had to use the restroom.  This took quite some time.  Nani stayed in the car with "foo foo" listening to the football games and somehow the car doors were locked.  When Cheela tried to get the keys, the "foo foo" dog tried to bite her.  However, that worked out fine and they proceeded on their trip south.

Arriving in the border town about 4:00, Cheela took Nani home first.  After unloading her several items, she discovered that one box was a case of wine.  It was quite a struggle getting that up the steps to the house.  At one point the "foo foo" dog tried to get out of the house, and when Cheela tried to stop him, he growled and snapped at her.  However, everything was finally in the house and they could proceed to the next drop off.  Now Elena is legally blind and had some difficulty opening her door.  However, Cheela helped her get her one suitcase and oxygen into the house without too much of a problem.

Next stop, Tia's home where she was born...........  She had to be let out in front of the house so that she could disarm the alarm.   Cheela asked Tia to get out of the car quickly so that the pugs couldn't escape and run for a better life.  Tia doesn't hurry, but the pugs didn't escape either!  So around the block they went and opened the garage door.  After all of the luggage, etc. was unloaded and the pugs were safely in the back yard, Cheela put the garage door down.  As she went into the backyard, she noticed that Tia had a broom and a device that elderly people (and prisoners who are picking up trash) use to pick things up.  In addition, Tia was looking for the two garbage cans that weren't on the rack and weren't in the yard.  She has paid a child down the street $5 to put the garbage cans back in the yard after they were emptied by the city.   Unfortunately, both garbage cans were in the alley and completely full.  Cheela went to the alley to put the garbage cans back on the rack.  However, she was only able to pick up one, as the other was too heavy.  

So Cheela went back to the garage and into the backyard, only to find Tia bending over the swimming pool.  This pool is about two feet above ground and two feet below.  Tia had the "pick" trying to get the plug off of the drain as the pool had rain water in it.  Cheela was very concerned that Tia would fall head first into the pool and she wasn't sure how she would explain that to the police and to the family.  So Cheela immediately took the device and removed the drain cover.  Tia then took the broom and tried to sweep the leaves out of the way so that the rain water would go down the drain--not the leaves.  Cheela was not sure what the result of that endeavor was as she went into the house looking for her Irish Ale!

Although this could be considered a work of fiction, IT IS THE HONEST TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!  How could anyone make something like this up?  Cheela is hoping that there will be some award for this short story, maybe even having it made into a movie or a sitcom!!!

Who would have "thunk" there could be so much adventure like this here on the border??????????

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Anonymous said...

This is sososososos funny!!! I'm waiting to read the next chapter!! I lol!! You truly are having some adventures in this border town! But, really, thanks so much for taking such great care of our Tia!

Love you,

Jessie said...

This is just great! We told you that you need to write a book. It would be a border best seller for sure. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Patty said...

Sheila, I really enjoyed reading your Thanksgiving adventure story! I would love to hear the "other" stories too sometime. Take care and "Happy Holidays!"