Tuesday, August 4, 2015

History Repeats Itself

Many years ago I read John Jakes' book, "North and South."  It was excellent.  Because I have traveled so much over the past few years, I listen to books in the car.  I recently started listening to this book.   Wow!   It has been so long since I read it, I didn't remember much.

The story is about two families, one from Pennsylvania (north) and one from South Carolina (south) who are friends.   The two main characters meet at West Point.   It takes place in the 1840's and 50's.   Although it is fiction, Mr. Jakes does an excellent job of the historical facts that were occurring in our country during that time.   It all surrounded the issue of slavery and prejudice and all of the issues leading up to the Civil War.    

All I can say is that we, as a country, have not learned much in the 150 plus years since this happened.   Although what is happening in our country right now is not the same, many of the issues are.   They get back to prejudice and not accepting of people because of the color of their skin.   I know I realized that when I read it before, but for some reason it really has made an impression on me.   Maybe it is because of the media in our country and things being brought out into the open.   I don't know.   It just makes me sad that we are still fighting equality battles for people because of the color of their skin or because of where they come from.   

There is a saying that history repeats itself and I would have to agree.    We have not learned!

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