Friday, April 22, 2016

Kenny Chesney While He Still Knows Who I Am

I love Kenny Chesney and his music.  He does sad songs, happy songs, deep songs, etc.   I listen to a lot of his music when I am getting my "steps" in every day.   I have my iPod on shuffle and today this song came up.  I hadn't heard it in quite sometime.   To me it is so poignant for what we are dealing with right now with my dear Aunt Teresa.   She has started to slip mentally so much.  I saw it in the year before we left Douglas.   However in the past few months, she has really declined.  There are some days where she is really good.   She is also very good when she is around family and friends for a short time.   Our family has always been so important to her.   She loves all of us and always talks about her brothers and sisters kids.   For many years she sent birthday cards with a $1 in it to all of the kids (nieces, nephews, great nieces and nephews, etc.).   Now she doesn't always know who people are.   It is so sad to watch this decline.    The doctor has diagnosed her with Alzheimer's and she takes medication for it.   At 93 almost 94 years old, I wonder if it is really Alzheimer's or just her age.   As I sit here and write this post, I can't help but get a little teary.    I feel so blessed to have her in my life.  The five years that I spent with her in Douglas were worth every minute of it despite some of the garbage I dealt with.    We had a great five years as roommates!!   I will always cherish our time together.   Now she is at Judy's, but I have her a lot.    We try to keep her mind stimulated as much as possible.   But it gets harder and harder to have some conversations with her.    She doesn't remember going places that we have gone to recently, but she does remember that she wants to go to the Family Reunion in Virginia in July.   We are planning on taking her to it.   And of course, she always remembers when it is time to go to Mass!!!   If you listen to the words in this song, I think you will understand why I put on my blog.  What a blessing she is to our large extended family!    So if you read this, please every now and then give her a call.    If you get her on a good day, she will remember who you are.   If not, she will act like she remembers you.   I know how much it still means to her!

You may have to click it and go to YouTube.  It was on here for awhile, but now it is gone.  However, you can get to it by just clicking it on.

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