Friday, November 25, 2016

A Very Difficult Decision Navigating the Journey of Age and Alzheimer's

I am so thankful for the wonderful Scott Family that we have been so fortunate to grow up in and continue to have such incredible relationships. Not many families can have what we have had for so many years. E.A. and Katherine Scott raised seven children in Douglas. They bought the house at 858 14th St. in 1918 and how many people can say that a family home has been there for almost 100 years?? 

When I went to Douglas in 2010, it was such a blessing for me to be able to live there with Teresa for five years. We had such a wonderful time and I will always treasure those five years we had together. 

When I moved back here in 2015 and Teresa had to come with me, it was difficult at many levels. Over the last 18 months, Judy and I have had her with us and shared her time. We have been been able to have her spend time with our Phoenix family and attend other family events, both positive and sad. 

Since July, she has been with me because I have been retired and could make it work. The last few weeks, we have seen a significant decline mentally as well as physically. It has happened fairly quickly. I know we have let family know that she has qualified for Hospice with the decline. We have tried to keep her here with me, but the physical decline is making it very difficult for me to be able to continue to meet her needs. So tomorrow, she is moving to a group home near us in Gilbert. From everything we can tell, it is a wonderful home. Hospice recommended several and Judy and I really like this one. It is a private home and run by some wonderful people from the Philippines. Most important for Teresa, is they are Catholic and have a Deacon who comes every Sunday. There are only five residents and she has her own room. And the second most important thing (to me) is that the pugs (one at a time) can come visit her. So today when all of our Phoenix cousins celebrated Thanksgiving, we had a quiet one here at my house with Judy's family and mine. She didn't even realize it was Thanksgiving or what that means. It has been a very emotional day for all of us today. 

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we make this transition tomorrow. I wish I could keep her here, but I know that this is the best decision for Teresa and for all of us. Please say an extra prayer for Cameron Rogers. This wonderful young man has been a rock for her and he loves her dearly. He is spending the night with a friend and said he can't be here tomorrow when this move takes place. That is a lot for an 18 year old to handle. It is hard for me and I am 67. 

The home is very close to Kerri's school and she can actually go there during her lunch hour. Many of her friends have grown to love Teresa so I know that she will have many visitors. Cameron can go there after school as it is close to his high school. It is close to Judy's school and close to our house. And I know that our wonderful Phoenix cousins will continue to support this journey. 

Sorry for this very long post. I am thankful on this 2016 Thanksgiving Day, that we have the wonderful family that we have and that I know all of Teresa's siblings' families can always know that they have been there for her and have meant the world to her. And for all of the young people in our family who may read this, never forget the wonderful family values that have been passed down to you from your great grandparents, grandparents and parents. After all, Family is what it is all about!!! 

And thank you, Janice Boyer, for saying several years ago that we need to get together for the good times!!! Let us all remember the good times and let us all remember that we come from great genes and "WE ARE FAMILY!"

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