Saturday, November 19, 2016

Victory Celebration and Some Tough Decisions

Last night I had the most amazing evening with a victory celebration/retire the debt party at Nicantoni's Pizza here in Gilbert.  One of the hardest things for me was to ask people for money.    However, campaigns for school board here in Gilbert can be expensive.  My  campaign was fairly low key.  I bought 50 big signs, 500 yard signs (and had to buy another 50 because of the demand), advertised on Facebook, paid for a webpage, and a few other minor expenses.   I gave myself a loan of $5100 and was able to "retire" that last night.    What I am most proud of is the fact that I came in with the second most votes (36,243) on probably the lowest budget of anyone who ran.

So many people attended last night.   Parents and former students from Gilbert El were there, as well as many of my former staff.   I also had a lot of parents and people I have met through the campaign stop by.   It was a great turn out and I think everyone had fun.  I was really touched.   

Judy and Ken brought my aunt Teresa.   During the day, she was excited to go, but when she got there, she didn't know where she was and wanted to leave.

Today has been a very emotional day for me.    With all of the amazing things going on with the election for me, the deterioration of Teresa has been so difficult to watch.   The past week her physical limitations have increased.   She is unable to get up and down without help.    The last few nights when she has gotten up in the night, I have had a hard time getting her back into bed.  So I know that I probably can't do this much longer and we are going to have to place her in some kind of home.   Although I know this is the best, it still is breaking my heart.

As I sat down at my computer to write this, it is with such mixed feelings.   I am so touched by the support of so many people, but I am so saddened at the decline of my wonderful aunt.   As I write this, it is with a few tears in my eyes.  


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